Video Analytics: Going Beyond Video Production

Flimp Media tracks video analytics for viewer engagement and other analytics to learn how well the video was received.

video analytics

Here at Flimp Media, we are more than a marketing video production company. We also collect actionable video analytics to help customers learn about the successes of their online videos, and also develop an effective marketing strategy to increase viewer engagement in future video marketing campaigns.

Actionable Viewer Tracking

Actionable viewer tracking is a method for collecting comprehensive video viewer engagement and response information based on an individual email address or identifier. The data collected using this method is important for determining the success of a video marketing campaign. This includes learning about how audiences are interacting with their content and learning the best way to maximize the impact of the video.

The data that we collect with our HTML5 multimedia platform is useful for decision making information. Some of the data that is collected includes total engagement, length of time the video was watched, video starts, number of times the video was watched to completion, calls to action clicked, video shares, social media sharing activity, and type of device the video was viewed on. These key metrics only scratch the surface of what the Flimp5 platform can do.

Video Content Tracking

Video content tracking is very important for learning about the kind of audience and how they are engaging with your marketing videos. Our tracking methods include real time reporting alerts sent by email so that a sales and/or marketing department can make quick decisions about their video marketing content. We also provide a wide array of viewership information so that executives can identify several key measurement factors used to learn about the success of their video marketing campaign.

The vast majority of marketing professionals and executives believe that the ability to better understand the impact of their online marketing strategies is one of their top priorities. Specifically, with video marketing content, we have developed several solutions to make this priority feasible.

We also provide many video services for B2B companies. We not only help to develop ideas and concepts for marketing videos, but we also produce videos for corporate marketing and enterprise communications purposes. However, one of our greatest assets lies in the video analytics and data gathering capabilities of the marketing videos we develop and produce using our HTML5 multimedia platform, Flimp5.

Flimp5 Multimedia Video Platform

The Flimp5 video communications platform enables users to create and distribute tractable multimedia video marketing content. This includes video postcards, video landing pages, and video micro-sites, all with comprehensive video analytics, that can be created without programming or IT resources.

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