What A Professional Online Video Production Company Does For You

According to the 4Q 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, digital video marketing grew rapidly from past years.  Over 90 percent of online marketing and communications experts now use video marketing and video communications as part of their 360 degree strategy to reach clients and customers within social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, on company blogs, through microsites and websites, and in video email.

Use of video is predictive of successful online digital marketing strategies that have a positive return on investment because video marketing drives traffic to websites, increases viewer engagement with brands, products and services, educates better than static text, and boost search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.  Effectively, online marketing videos are an important tool in the proverbial marketing tool box and perform similar to a salesperson for your company; except that videos work 24-hours a day to generate sales leads!

When businesses and nonprofits develop marketing videos it is important to consider working with a professional digital video production company that understands how to:

  • Produce engaging and customer targeted video content.
  • Make the video production process efficient and cost-effective.
  • Deliver, track and report on video interaction and engagement across marketing and social media channels.
  • Save money in relation to creating a video yourself.


The value-add of quality video productions is two-fold:

  1. Professional video producers find the right people to script, create an audiovisual storyboard, produce the video, and edit the video content.  This includes determining proper messaging and using the most appropriate video format, such as graphic animation, live action, motion graphics, moving images, voice over, and spokesperson videos.
  2. Also, professionally produced video contains elements that help differentiate from Do-It-Yourself (DIY) productions by attending to details including using music beds to enhance the audio along with focusing on branding, text, overlays, colors, and logos in a fun, engaging and graphically pleasing way.


Inexperienced video creators or DIY-ers often have a difficult time determining some of the more minute details – such as selecting a director, cinematographer, editor, and /or spokespeople or actors skilled enough to ensure a high quality, cost effective, and engaging end product is created.  An experienced digital video production company screens everyone involved, provides an array of sample work as a starting point, and expedites the decision making, video production, and quality control process to save time and money in order to produce video that matches your digital marketing goals.

To this latter point:  a professional video production company also develops an effective video communications and marketing strategy to meet short-, mid- and long-term goals and does not just make video content.  Flimp Media Video Solutions is an example of a digital video production company that works individually with clients to understand their goals and then create professional business videos and explainer videos for small and large clients.

Flimp Media’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and nonprofits such as Boston College Law School, CBRE, CIGNA, Farmer’s Insurance, The Hartford, Mercer, Suffolk University, Transmerica, Willis, and travel and hospitality companies.  For these clients, Flimp implements proven video production and creative techniques to streamline creative processes, meet budgets and adhere to strict timelines.  This may include either editing client created b-roll footage in creative ways with unique voice overs, music beds and animation or producing a video from scratch.  An excellent video production company does not ever implement cookie cutter processes to create video content that is unique to your brand.

When a concept, budget and production timeline are finalized, an effective online video production company should take these steps to create unique video content:

  • Establish budgets and video production timelines;
  • Develop scripting and audiovisual storyboarding;
  • Implement client scheduling for live action video shoots;
  • Rent equipment and negotiate pricing, as may be needed;
  • Hire production and acting professionals;
  • Find a appropriate locations for a shoot, if for a live action video;
  • Identify the right voiceover and/or video spokesperson, if desired;
  • Edit video and execute all post production; and
  • Deliver final product in various, global video formats to use anywhere online.


Special Note: Producing quality and engaging video content in keeping with your brand, messaging, and marketing and communication strategies should be a fun process when you work with an online video production company that listens to you, and understands your company or organization’s marketing strategies.  Never settle!

Intelligent video production companies also are cost conscious and implement methods to save on video production costs.  For example, the camera used in video productions makes a huge difference in the quality of the final video. Obviously, nicer cameras are more expensive and range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars to rent on a daily basis. A first-class digital video production company knows where to source quality cameras at a reasonable price.  Sometimes, they own high-quality camera and factor in the cost to the video production cost.

Of course, you can make your own video using recording techniques on your tablet or mobile device. However, know that the quality of the video may not be great, that you will need to edit the video to ensure it is engaging and conveys your message correctly, and that the final product renders with proper pixelation on on any device (computer, tablet, smart phone) a  customer/client wants to see the video. Professional video production companies will have all of these solutions for you in place and ready to go!

Finally, a professional online video production company ensures that the delivered product meets your requirements based on excellent, post-production services. Post-production is where the raw video footage is edited and rendered into a high quality video, music beds are inserted, and the beginning and ending trailers are in keeping with your brand. When you consider that titles and text, motion graphics, sound mixing, and color correction are all essential parts of a video production, you can easily see how post-production is critical and an area where video production companies really help.

Before you decide to create your own video because you don’t think you can afford to work with a video production company, call Flimp Media and ask a professional.  We think you will be surprised at what we can create for you in keeping with your budget and desire for excellent promotional videos, explainer videos, business videos, educational videos and other types of videos Flimp Media has to offer.

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Chip Arndt is an evp at Flimp Media, who strives to improve your ROI. His film and video expertise started in Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia working with Hollywood artisans and expanded to online marketing and communications through companies he started. He resides outside of Boston, MA on a wooded lake, spends free time with family, and often visits the Maine coast for lobster, ‘chowda’, and dark ale.


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