Digital Postcard Employee Communications Campaigns

Flimp Media will work with you to develop employer-branded digital postcard email campaigns to communicate important information to employees. Digital postcards are a cost-effective and engaging way to communicate about benefits open enrollment, wellness programs, organizational changes and other topics to employees. Flimp digital email postcards work on all video-compatible devices, including smartphones and tablets.

1. WE CREATE AND CUSTOMIZE your digital postcard with the following features:

  • Engaging employee videos
  • Your company's branding
  • A personal message to employees
  • High-quality images and graphics
  • Links to pertinent information
  • Contact information

2. WE HELP DISTRIBUTE & SHARE your digital postcard to eligible employees:

  • Choose your preferred email delivery from several email distribution options
  • Embed your postcard into your intranet site, website or HR software
  • Edit your postcard for different employee audiences

3. WE TRACK & REPORT your digital postcard campaign:

  • Views - How many times the postcard was viewed
  • TOF - Average viewer time spent on postcard
  • TOV - Average time spent watching the video
  • Response Rate - Responses as a percent of total views
  • Response Detail - Which response links were clicked, # of times
  • Form Data - Web form response data filled out by viewer
  • Viral Sharing - Details of viewer email forwarding activity
  • Mobile Data - Number of views from mobile devices
Communications Case Study Report
Communications Case Study Report

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