AWS Employee Engagement and Decision-Support Tools Replacing Annual Benefits-Enrollment Meetings

Large Employers Saving up to $26,000 per 1,000 Employees with Interactive Multimedia Solutions that Eliminate Time-Consuming, In-Person Meetings with On-Demand, Mobile-Friendly AWS Content Communications

Boston, MA | June 19, 2017

Flimp Communications, a leader in the digital transformation of HR and employee benefits communications, announced today the availability of “No Meetings Required,” an AWS solution for large employers that want to minimize the time and expense of holding annual employee benefits-enrollment meetings. The new program combines a customized benefits overview video with a branded, interactive digital postcard (view an example here), and access to a benefits decision-support tool; all geared to helping employees quickly make well-informed benefits plan decisions during the open enrollment process.

Employer-sponsored healthcare benefits are more complicated than ever due to more High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) options that offer tax-advantaged employer contributions to Health Savings (HSA) and Health Reimbursement (HRA) Accounts. It’s no longer enough for employers to simply present benefits plan changes and options in meetings. According to Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Communications, “Employees and their spouses, especially millennials, want on-demand access to videos, presentations and interactive decision tools that help them make informed, data-driven choices that compare benefits plan costs and features based on their individual needs. Traditional onsite and online PPT presentation meetings just aren’t very useful or cost effective.”

Holding employee meetings to communicate annual benefits plan options and changes is costly and inefficient for large employers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for private, non-farm payroll employees for March through May of 2017 was just over $26. This means it costs employers at least $26 per employee to hold a one-hour benefits-education meeting, or $26,000 per 1,000 employees. And that cost doesn’t take into account the inability of these meetings to educate spouses, or help employees choose the optimal health plan for their particular circumstances. For this, benefits decision-support tools are much more effective. In the case of the PLANselect decision-support tool, which is anonymous and only requires three to four minutes to complete, employers are reporting dramatic increases in HDHP plan enrollments due to improved awareness of lower total employee out-of-pocket costs for HDHP plan options.

The “No Meetings Required” digital communication package includes a customized open enrollment overview video, custom-designed digital postcard with branding and messaging, a choice of two educational videos from Flimp’s animated HR video library and links to hosted resources such as benefits guides, plan details, wellness programs, or enrollment portals. The PLANselect decision-support tool is optional but personalized, which helps employees feel confident about their choices. Digital postcards allow employees and their families to engage with benefits educational materials on their own terms and on any type of online device, including smartphones. Employee engagement and response actions are tracked in detail, including number of views, average time on content, video viewing, response actions taken and types of device used.

Digital postcards have been used successfully by hundreds of organizations including Airbnb, California Pizza Kitchen, Georgetown University, Stantec and Waste Management, as well as brokers like Alliant, Lockton, and Willis Towers Watson. Maryland-based aerospace company, a.i. solutions, is a recent addition to Flimp’s client list. When HR director, Christy Fenner, was asked what she thought about Flimp’s communication solution, she remarked, “Our HR team is so excited about the new digital postcards. They have allowed us to reach employees in all corners of the country with a crisp and consistent message. We have saved countless hours for the HR team and employees by replacing the traditional in-person meetings with a slick digital delivery. Time is money and the digital postcards allow us a more efficient approach to budgeting HR dollars.”

The “No Meetings Required” package is available now. Contact Flimp Communications at 508.435.5220 to reserve a spot on the production calendar before the busy open enrollment season.

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