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Better train and educate your employees with presentation videos

HR teams use a lot of presentations: for training, benefits overviews, onboarding, and more. Our chaptered presentation videos help you deliver on-demand presentations, with a chaptered video player for easy navigation.

presentation videos for hr teams

The vast majority of employees think company communication would be dramatically improved through visual content like videos


48% of employees consider video the most engaging form of communication (37% prefer other visual content types)


67% of employees complete tasks better when instructions are provided with visual content

Topics for hr videos

Deploy video across multiple communication needs

Chaptered presentation videos are useful anytime you need to educate your employees in a comprehensive way. 

  • Open enrollment announcements
  • Employee onboarding
  • Training and development
  • Health and wellness
  • Financial wellness
  • Compliance and code of conduct
  • Internal announcements

Chaptering your videos is a game-changer

Have you ever tried to watch a presentation/video a second time looking for that one piece of information you really need? Our chaptered navigation allows employees to quickly jump to the information they’re looking for. 

custom presentation conversion videos for human resources
employee video analytics

Gain insights from behavioral analytics

Our video-player tool tracks employee behavior. Which videos did they watch? How long did they watch? Which areas were the most engaging? Which chapters did employees most often skip to? 

You can use this data for employee insights. For example: HR teams deploying these videos for supplemental benefits learn which benefits are most interesting by tracking chapter clicks.

Start today: improve your employee communications with presentation videos

Pricing for presentation videos starts at $600/minute, and are usually completed in 3-4 weeks. Our video team will partner with you to convert your slide decks into on-demand video, or even design and develop new presentations from scratch.

“Working with Flimp was a great experience, from start to finish. The team delivered a creative solution to the story we wanted to tell, were very responsive and collaborative, and met both our time and budget needs. I highly recommend Flimp for start-up to large-scale video production.”
Vicky Harri
Joi Scientific

License our HR video library

If you'd prefer to leverage the power of pre-produced videos, we have a library filled with 70+ explainer videos about common HR, financial wellness and benefits topics.

What's your use case?

Whether it's open enrollment, new hire, or something else: see how we approach and solve the most common HR problems.

Sample Presentation Video

Need some help figuring it out?

Let’s talk about your challenges, goals, and timelines to determine the right services and solution for your team. We won’t bite.

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