Turn Your PowerPoint Deck into an Engaging Video

Explaining benefit options and changes to employees can be complicated. Video is a great way to accomplish that task but it can be expensive for long-form content. Our PowerPoint videos are a cost-effective alternative to animated motion graphic videos. We offer two options, both of which include professional voice over, chaptering, hosting and tracking. The “conversion” option simply converts your existing deck and script into video format. The “creative” option utilizes our graphic design services to improve the visual experience.


Turnaround: 1 week

File Conversion: Transform your PowerPoint deck into a chaptered presentation video narrated by your choice of voice talent.
Based on client-approved script and final deck.

- Professional voice over
- Conversion services
- Chaptering, hosting and tracking


Turnaround: 2 to 4 weeks

Take It Up a Notch: Starting with your draft content, we improve the graphics and messaging and add animations synced with the narration.
Based on client-approved script and draft deck.

- 2-3 design template options
- Professional voice over
- Graphic design and animation
- Dedicated project manager
- Chaptering, hosting and tracking

Examples of PowerPoint Conversion Videos

Examples of PowerPoint Creative Videos

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