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Client video testimonial
Client video testimonial
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Amazon Cloud Video and Multimedia Marketing Platform

Episend is an award winning video and multimedia marketing software that makes it easy to create, distribute and track “ interactive digital collateral” for online direct marketing and sales lead generation. The easy-to-use video + multimedia creative studio enables marketers to quickly create engaging sales and marketing collateral such as interactive video postcards, video brochures and multimedia microsites that instantly track and report actionable viewer engagement, response and sharing activity by email address and contact information. Request a screen share demo or trial account to experience it for yourself.

Video marketing and multimedia sales collateral created with the Episend is much more powerful and effective than traditional email newsletters, static PDF’s, and PowerPoint sales presentations. And the multimedia collateral provides salespeople with valuable intelligence on viewer engagement, response and sharing activity that help improve prospect engagement and sales performance. Episend was a past winner of the MITX PwC Promise Award for technology innovation. MITX is the most prestigious annual awards competition in the country for digital marketing and technology innovation. Episend integrates in minutes with Outlook email and is integrated with most Marketing Automation and Email Service Provider software platforms.

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Travel Destination and Tourism Video Postcard Marketing Campaigns:

“In the business of luxury travel, we send out a lot of information to a lot of people and, quite often, the information we send is shared with others. Flimp provides us the ability to see when somebody is engaging with our communication, how deeply they engage and at what point they decide to share it. Knowing this helps us be smarter about how and when to interact with our leads.”

Mark Hollister, Director, Homebase Abroad

B2B Sales and Marketing Lead Generation Using Interactive Video Brochures:

“Flimp has been an incredibly effective and simple solution for launching email video marketing campaigns for our clients. The response rates for our first two campaigns were over 10% and a majority of the names on our email list were purchased. We never could have achieved these response rates with regular email marketing. Flimp also provided us with great service and support. What a fantastic marketing application!”

Rebecca Barnes, Owner, CapitalIdeas

Tradeshow Promotions

Product Marketing

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Direct to Consumer Campaigns Using Trackable Video Email Postcards:

“For Best Buy, we wanted to understand how the use of audio-visual content with direct calls to action would influence viewer behavior and response rates—and to try an innovative new video email marketing method to complement our offline messaging.”

Hershel Herndon, Vice President, Best Buy

Product Promotions

Entertainment Marketing

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Industry Trade Show and Business Event Marketing Using Video Microsites:

"Flimp allowed us to collect behavioral data from the video email postcard so we knew what people were really interested in and how to focus our marketing message. We think the campaign drove many people to call us to register for the event. I feel that the Flimp video marketing platform saved our event. What a great new technology for online event marketing".

Keith McKinnon, Marketing Director, AI Conference

Business Conferences

Trade Event Marketing

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Insurance and Health Care Marketing Using Trackable Video Postcards:

“Using the Flimp platform, it was easy for Medica to create video postcards for participating brokers and deliver them to Medicare customers. The brokers valued the opportunity to connect with their customers in a personal way. Additionally, the ability to share and track pertinent enrollment materials was a valued component of the communications campaign.”

Gary Regan, Communications Director, Medica Health Plans


We offer lots of valuable insights when it comes to video production and generating results with online video for sales, marketing, training and communications. So please don’t hesitate to email or call us to discuss your needs and objectives, or fill out the inquiry form below. You’ll be glad you did!

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Video Content Marketing Software and Services

Flimp Media provides innovative online video marketing software and services to a wide range of companies and organizations. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, software technology businesses, healthcare and insurance providers, B2B sales and marketing, hotels and travel destinations and consumer products companies. We also publish the annual Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report with the Web Video Marketing Council and ReelSEO. Our Flimp 5 Cloud Video Marketing Platform simplifies video hosting, video email marketing, mobile video marketing and website video marketing. With Flimp 5, anyone can quickly create, distribute and track custom video brochures, microsites, landing pages and video postcards for outbound and inbound video marketing.

2014 Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report

The annual Online Video Marketing Survey and Industry Trends Report is published by Flimp Media, together with the Web Video Marketing Council and ReelSEO. The report is based on an in-depth survey of marketing professionals and provides deep insights into online video marketing and communications trends. The survey questions reveal how online video is being used by companies for internet marketing and sales, including website marketing, video email marketing, video SEO, video advertising, sales lead generation and social media marketing. In the 2014 survey, 82% of surveyed marketers stated that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.