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Episend content marketing software
Episend video content marketing software
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Episend® Video Marketing and Multimedia Communications Software

For Training & Communications: Episend is an inexpensive and easy-to-use, cloud-based software platform that makes it easy to create, host, distribute and track online video email and multimedia communications and web-based training programs. Use Episend to communicate with and educate employees, prospects, distributors, investors, donors, recruits and channel partners. Capture attention and get valuable insights into how viewers are interacting with and responding to your video and multimedia communications. To learn more, Download case studies and whitepapers.

For B2B Sales & Marketing: Episend is a breakthrough B2B sales optimization and video marketing software that converts any Microsoft Outlook email account into a trackable one-to-one video and multimedia prospecting solution. Marketing teams can create interactive video and multimedia content that sales and customer service teams can access using our Outlook plug-in for prospecting, customer education and lead nurturing. As email recipients open and view tracked personal emails and embedded content, detailed reporting and analytics data is instantly available.

Engage, Educate and Track Target Audiences with
Video + Multimedia Communications, Marketing and Sales

Multimedia Creative Studio

With the Episend drag-and-drop multimedia creative studio, anyone can quickly create and edit interactive video microsites, landing pages and video email postcards with built-in tracking and reporting. Learn more  »

Custom Video Player Studio

Quickly build custom-branded HTML 5 video players that adjust to all devices and support multiple videos, video chaptering, closed captioning and a variety of click-to-choose optional player features. Learn more  »

Create Customized  HTML5 Video Players

Sharing and Distribution Tools

Easily deliver and share self-tracking videos, large files and multimedia content with target audiences on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis using a variety of integrated email, web and social media distribution tools. Learn more  »

Episend Outlook Integration

The Episend one-to-one Microsoft Outlook plug-in instantly turns any Outlook email account into a self-trackable video email marketing and communications platform that improves work performance and productivity. Learn more  »

Campaign and Viewer Tracking

Episend-hosted video and multimedia content instantly tracks and reports detailed communications campaign data, as well as individual viewer engagement, response and sharing data by individual email address.
Learn more  »

Content Management Library 

Store, organize and manage unlimited videos, video players, multimedia content and any type of uploaded file for hosting, sharing and distribution using the Episend content management library. Learn more  »

Create Interactive Multimedia  Content 


You’ll be glad you did. It’s pretty powerful yet super easy to use. And please don’t hesitate to email or call us to discuss any of your needs or objectives, or fill out the inquiry form below. Thanks.

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