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Improve Sales Productivity and Customer Service Performance with Episend

At Flimp, we believe marketing should be responsible for creating and maintaining corporate sales collateral and supporting resources, but distribution of that content needs to shift to the front line. Sales and customer service people should be able to follow up directly with prospects and customers by personally emailing them at the right time with the right message. And they should have a way to monitor engagement activity in order to send subsequent messages with relevant content to move them through the sales process.

Episend is a revolutionary software platform that enables sales and support teams to access marketing-approved content for outbound communications. It provides unlimited, secure hosting of digital content assets (videos, multimedia, images, audio and files of all types) for sales, marketing, employee and corporate communications. Front-line communicators have easy access to content and tracking data, which makes them more productive and effective.

Episend improves productivity by enabling:

  • More personalized one-to-one communications, which also means fewer messages/files blocked
  • Better access to and use of interactive video and multimedia content to drive higher engagement
  • Real-time, detailed tracking of prospect and client interactions with content that leads to faster follow up and significantly higher (20 – 100 times) engagement and qualifying rates, according to MIT research studies

Episend Platform Benefits:

  • Digital asset management library supports unlimited videos, multi-video players, video brochures, video microsites and files (PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, MP3, etc.) up to 2GB each
  • Creative studio to generate multimedia brochures, landing pages, microsites and video postcards
  • Distribution tools to deliver dynamic content to target audiences through email, email service
    providers, CRM systems, mobile devices, website embedding and social media
  • Instant tracking and reporting of prospect engagement and sharing activity
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows plug-in app provides seamless access to digital asset libraries for embedding multimedia content without attachments, which are often blocked by spam filters
  • Compliant with corporate firewalls and requires no IT support or programming
  • Download and Outlook integration takes a few minutes

Browse through our multimedia galleries to view examples of video brochures, postcards and microsites we’ve created for clients.

Outlook Integration App

Easily embed video + multimedia content assets into trackable email communications
The Episend Outlook plug-in app gives sales and support teams instant access to multimedia content assets from within their personal email accounts. With just a couple clicks, content can be embedded into emails and sent without using attachments. When recipients open the emails and interact with the content, all of that activity is tracked and displayed instantly.


Digital Asset Management

Organize, manage and archive video and digital content 
Episend contains a built-in digital asset management library for uploading and managing multimedia assets. Users can host unlimited digital images, videos, files and custom video players in their accounts and use these assets to create interactive video + multimedia communications content.

Content Creative Studio

Fast and easy creation and editing of video + multimedia content
With Episend, users can quickly create and edit trackable training websites, chaptered video presentations, microsites and landing pages using the drag-and-drop creative studio. The platform enables users to instantly create and edit custom-branded video + multimedia communications content without any programming skills or IT department involvement. Episend simplifies the video email communications campaign creation and deployment process, enabling users to utilize existing video content and brand assets to quickly develop and launch compelling video communications.

Distribution Tools

Integrated campaign distribution tools
Flimp content is distributed to target audiences in numerous ways directly from the Episend platform, including integrated internal and external email systems, social media integration, custom-branded URL web links, embed code for websites and intranets, and a proprietary Microsoft Outlook integration application. Flimp communications work seamlessly on tablets and mobile devices for both Android and Apple products and operating systems. Episend is integrated with more than 50 popular email service providers. 

Advanced Tracking and Reporting

Instant tracking and collection of detailed campaign and individual viewer engagement and response data
When an Episend email message is received and opened by a recipient, EVERY action taken by the viewer (e.g., starting the video, clicking a link, selecting the contact us button for more information, forwarding the message and many others) is tracked and recorded automatically in real time and displayed right within Outlook.

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Video Content Marketing Software and Services

Flimp Media provides innovative online video marketing software and services to a wide range of companies and organizations. Customers include many Fortune 500 companies, software technology businesses, healthcare and insurance providers, B2B sales and marketing, hotels and travel destinations and consumer products companies. We also publish the annual Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report with the Web Video Marketing Council and ReelSEO. Our Episend Cloud Video Marketing Platform simplifies video hosting, video email marketing, mobile video marketing and website video marketing. With Episend, anyone can quickly create, distribute and track custom video brochures, microsites, landing pages and video postcards for outbound and inbound video marketing.

2014 Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report

The annual Online Video Marketing Survey and Industry Trends Report is published by Flimp Media, together with the Web Video Marketing Council and ReelSEO. The report is based on an in-depth survey of marketing professionals and provides deep insights into online video marketing and communications trends. The survey questions reveal how online video is being used by companies for internet marketing and sales, including website marketing, video email marketing, video SEO, video advertising, sales lead generation and social media marketing. In the 2014 survey, 82% of surveyed marketers stated that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.