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Client Case Studies Offering Video Marketing Strategies, Tips and Results

View Flimp Media video marketing client case studies with useful information and tips on how to effectively deploy video email marketing campaigns and strategies to engage target prospects and generating positive direct marketing results using multimedia and video content marketing with real time tracking, reporting and analytics. Flimp video email marketing campaigns generate 20+ percent average response rates from engaged viewers and viewers time of engagement averages nearly two minutes.

Video Marketing Case Study: Corent Technology, B2B Lead Generation Results & Strategy

Watch the video case study to learn how Corent Technology uses the Flimp 5 video marketing platform to create and distribute trackable video brochures as an important part of their email marketing and content marketing strategy to generate quality sales leads.

What Flimp Does For Us

The Creative Message

Campaigning and Tracking

Our Results Using Flimp

Video Marketing Case Study: Vertex UK, Discussion of Video Email Results & Strategy

Learn how Vertex UK uses the Flimp 5 software to create video email marketing and social media campaigns as part of their video marketing strategy. Vertex creates and distributes trackable video email postcards to generate higher prospect engagement rates and quality sales leads.

Video Marketing

Campaign Process

Viewer Tracking

Social Media Tips

Video Postcard Email Marketing Case Studies: Tips and Strategies for Effective Results

Below are various client video email marketing campaign results highlighting video marketing strategies using trackable video landing pages and video postcards. Click on the PDF thumbnails below to read and download the Flimp client case studies.

Travel Marketing

B2B Marketing

Sports Event


Higher Education

Higher Education

Financial Services


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