Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are becoming an increasingly important responsibility for human resources. Whether it’s internal inclusion training for employees and executives or how to address diversity in the hiring process, the growing public awareness of diversity and inclusion issues means employees are starting to look for direction from employers on these and similar social issues.

28 Mar
How to Poison Your Corporate Culture: The “Incivility Bug”

When you’re in a toxic office situation, it’s easy to blame the boss. Managers have gotten away with uncivil work […]

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23 Mar
Change Initiative Catch Phrases Abound… Literally

Business is rife with catch phrases, and has been for quite some time. Some are horrid clichés… “run it up […]

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15 Mar
The Price of Incivility for Recruitment and Retention

In my 35 years working in the private sector, the thing that appalls me most is incivility in the workplace. […]

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14 Mar
Using Your Employee Onboarding Strategy to Welcome Gender Non-Binary Workers

  What does it mean for workplaces to be diverse? Does it always have to do with race? The answer […]

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22 Feb
Mindfulness and How It Impacts Employee Wellness

More HR managers and corporate leaders are turning to the concept of mindfulness, along with the tradition of meditation, as […]

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13 Feb
Listen Up↑ – Corporate Communications: Where Do Corporate Communicators Belong?

‘Corporate communications’ is an amorphous and all-encompassing term. It could mean just about any type of communicating that goes on […]

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