Employee Benefits Communication

Employers need to have effective employee benefits communication strategies and structures in place to help educate their workforce about healthcare and voluntary benefits. Shifting trends and legislation surrounding healthcare mean employees need more information and education concerning their healthcare plans, and employee benefits videos provide HR departments with flexibility when devising the best employee communications strategies.

13 Dec
Why Millennials Overwhelmingly Prefer Workplace Benefits over Extra Salary

Millennials know the value of workplace benefits and often will gravitate toward organizations that offer the most comprehensive benefits packages […]

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11 Dec
Employee Benefits and Compensation: Navigating Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is in full swing and if you’re a small business owner with the ability to offer employee benefits […]

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27 Nov
Health and Financial Wellness Plans to Feature More Personalized Advice for Employees

  Health and financial wellness plans have evolved quickly in the last few years, offering employees newer and better options […]

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1 Nov
New-Hire Onboarding Made Easier with Benefits Presentation Videos

New-hire onboarding processes are necessarily time consuming. Employees need time to acclimate to their new office and organization—and that’s before […]

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24 Oct
Training and Compliance: Simplify your Training Program

Training and compliance programs are vital to the success of your business and employees. There are many employee training programs […]

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4 Oct
Employee Benefits Videos for the Future

We’re in an exciting new era of video communications in corporate settings, and employee benefits videos are now easier to […]

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