Employee Engagement

9 Aug
How Employee Video Communications Is Being Used to Improve Benefits Enrollment

Employee video communications have become a useful tool for many HR departments across multiple industries. …

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1 Aug
What Is a Digital Postcard?

Flimp’s digital postcards are the answer to many internal, employee and corporate communications needs. Open …

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27 Jul
Employee Engagement Tools That Work: Digital Postcards

Employee engagement tools are changing and becoming more efficient at conveying information by the day. …

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20 Jul
How Employee Video Communications Greatly Improves Engagement

Employee video communications using “digital video postcards” has been shown to improve overall employee engagement. …

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12 Jul
Four Types of Terrible Bosses That Make Employees Quit

Organizations with the best employee video communication in the world still lose valuable workers and …

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11 Jul
Listen Up↑: Internal Employee Communication — Calling All Volunteers!

One of the more rewarding aspects of internal employee communication is when communicators are called …

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