Employee Engagement

25 May
How to Retain Employees with Better Internal Communication

Internal communication has a deep effect on employee retention. The ability of managers, executives, and …

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22 May
Employee Recognition: A Critical Part of Communications

It’s time to make employee recognition part of the fabric of all organizations that rely …

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17 May
Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture in a Tech-Based World

Technology has brought a revolution to human resource management and corporate culture. It has changed …

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2 Apr
Video Email Best Practices to Increase Employee Engagement and Enrollment

Over the past year, our team has studied the myriad ways HR professionals engage, educate, …

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27 Jan
HR: Here’s Why Forbes Thinks You’re Outdated

2015 was a wild ride for companies and organizations using myriad new, online technologies to …

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29 Sep
Open Enrollment and Year-Round Employee Benefits Engagement and Education

Flimp Communications is a preferred benefits communications solution for large employers, Fortune 500 companies, benefits …

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