Employee Training Videos

For employees to do their jobs, they need effective, up-to-date training and education. Whether it’s new hires requiring training on unfamiliar programs or existing employees needing regular refreshers, we have advice for the best practices for conducting the training they need, like using employee training videos as part of your training program. What’s more, supplemental or secondary education opportunities are key factors for employees who wish to advance (or even just understand and take better advantage of their employee benefits).

18 Jul
Open Enrollment Is Right Around the Corner, Are You Ready?

Open enrollment is sneaking up on us faster than you might think. When you consider how much hand-wringing and decision […]

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16 Jul
The Five Biggest Headaches of Open Enrollment Communications

Some years are easier than others when it comes to updating the employee benefits your company offers but creating an […]

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2 Jul
Why Regular Maintenance of Your Video Library Is Crucial

You know what words very rarely come to mind when I think of a company’s video library? Current. Fresh. Exciting. […]

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15 Jun
The Invaluable Consistency of Employee Benefits Resource Portals

Humans are creatures of habit and routine. Consistency and reliability are reassuring. Even little changes like the coffee cart moving […]

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5 Jun
Onboarding Employees in the Height of Summer Vacation Season

Summer is underway and for a lot of businesses, it is also slow season! With slow season comes more time […]

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1 May
Creating Custom Employee Onboarding Plans

Some companies view onboarding as something to do that has little impact on the company other than allowing new hires […]

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