Employee Training Videos

For employees to do their jobs, they need effective, up-to-date training and education. Whether it’s new hires requiring training on unfamiliar programs or existing employees needing regular refreshers, we have advice for the best practices for conducting the training they need, like using employee training videos as part of your training program. What’s more, supplemental or secondary education opportunities are key factors for employees who wish to advance (or even just understand and take better advantage of their employee benefits).

6 Apr
How Video Communications Can Reduce Frustration and Angst in an Office Environment

The term “office environment” can often be an alternative way of saying frustration and angst, and that is exactly what […]

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29 Mar
HDHP and Other “Four-Letter Words” – How Employee Benefits Education Can Help Your Bottom Line

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) can save your company a lot of money… but only if your employees enroll in them […]

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13 Mar
Employee Onboarding and Where Video Communications Come In

Shifts in the basic understanding of how we work are changing all parts of human resources, including what it means […]

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5 Mar
The Seven Biggest HR Challenges Companies Will Face in 2018

Businesses of all sizes face a variety of issues in the workplace, such as an evolving workforce, mental health issues, […]

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23 Jan
Integrating New Employees into Your Corporate Communications System

Being a new hire is better than being the new kid in school – but not by much. Basically, it […]

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15 Jan
How Employee Mentoring and Reverse Mentoring Are the Key to the Future

Employee mentoring in the workplace is a good thing. It has been around for years, and employee mentoring will continue […]

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