Health and Wellness

26 Dec
Mindfulness Tools and Apps HR Should Use

A few years ago, business leaders and human resources professionals found an answer to rising …

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27 Nov
Health and Financial Wellness Plans to Feature More Personalized Advice for Employees

  Health and financial wellness plans have evolved quickly in the last few years, offering …

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12 Oct
Which Health and Financial Wellness Benefits Get the Lowest Engagement and Why?

It seems pretty obvious that health and financial wellness benefits ought to be very popular …

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15 Aug
Sound Money, Sound Body, Sound Mind: Health and Financial Wellness Goals

Americans are worried, some more than others. The source of worry? Money. And as we …

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17 Jul
Employee Education: Time and Money Well-Spent

“Learning is the only thing a mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” Leonardo …

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6 Jul
How to Get Millennials to Sign up for Your Health Insurance Plan

According to the 2018 Millennial Benefit Trends Report, the millennials at work participating were asked …

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Flimp has been a great partner in developing a resource where employees and spouses can access the information they need when making benefit decisions.
Ashley Griffie Senior Benefits Analyst, Harsco
Thanks to Flimp, communicating with our employees is a seamless process. It is an engaging alternative to traditional media. We look forward to continuing to work with them for our communication needs.
Ashley Cooke HR Manager, Tanger Outlets
There was some inherent, intrinsic interest in the digital postcards because they were different. They weren't just a standard corporate PowerPoint or email. The audio-visual content grabbed attention and the tracking features gave us insight into each campaign’s performance. It wasn't just a spray-and-pray program—we knew that we had engaged our employees.
Jonathan Gibbs Manager, Citrix Systems
Given the time constraints, amount of work required and complexity of our open enrollment process, Flimp exceeded our expectations. I believe their technology solves a very significant problem for benefits communicators, that being how to educate employees in a cost-effective and simple way without regional meetings or sending out lots of printed brochures. It was exciting to utilize such a cutting-edge technology as part of our benefits communications.
Stephanie Fedoroff Director of Benefits, School District of Philadelphia
I was pleasantly surprised by the level of sophistication and attention to detail that Flimp brought to our annual benefits open enrollment presentation. Additionally, the online communication tools that we have subsequently utilized have far exceeded my expectations. I recommend Flimp to any organization that is looking to start their online learning and communications or expand upon their existing efforts take their message to the next level.
Sonya Granillo Cathey Sr. Director of HR and Training, Arizona Tile
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