HR and Employee Videos

Using HR and employee videos in internal communications strategies is proving effective at increasing engagement. Video communications also make it easier for HR departments to keep training, education, and company-wide communications initiatives consistent, cost effective and on brand. The flexibility of video lends itself to a degree of customization and personalization of the employee experience, allowing employees to choose their own pace and path of information consumption.

18 Feb
A Guide to HR Presentations and How Employee Engagement Videos Fit

Human resources experts should give HR presentations to share their knowledge and their perspective with their organization and its leaders […]

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11 Feb
Employee Engagement Videos: Providing Purpose on the Cloud

Employee engagement videos have revolutionized the way human resource departments conduct business. If part of HR’s job is to ensure […]

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4 Feb
Employee Communications: Video’s Value Beyond Engagement

Employee communications programs and initiatives these days rely increasingly on video communication to drive employee engagement. No doubt your organization […]

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24 Jan
2019: What’s New in Video Communications

A video communications system is no longer just a tool for big companies. Welcome to 2019. According to the Business […]

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10 Dec
How New HR Training and Compliance Programs Can Improve in 2019

Let’s start this blog post by saying that I have no idea what 2019 specifically holds for HR training and […]

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4 Dec
Employee Training Programs: Why Video Is Ideal

Employee training is both the great panacea and the scapegoat for underperformance and workplace problems like harassment, bullying and incivility. […]

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