HR and Employee Videos

Using HR and employee videos in internal communications strategies is proving effective at increasing engagement. Video communications also make it easier for HR departments to keep training, education, and company-wide communications initiatives consistent, cost effective and on brand. The flexibility of video lends itself to a degree of customization and personalization of the employee experience, allowing employees to choose their own pace and path of information consumption.

17 May
Key Differences Between 401(k) Plans and 401(b) Plans

Your employees might be confused when they walk into the office for the first time and are handed an employee […]

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3 Apr
Financial Wellness Topics to Discuss after Taxes

Financial wellness has long been a hot topic for employees and employers even before millennials started taking jobs while saddled […]

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13 Mar
Employee Onboarding and Where Video Communications Come In

Shifts in the basic understanding of how we work are changing all parts of human resources, including what it means […]

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9 Mar
Employee Benefits Millennials Want and How to Deliver Them

You’ve probably heard of how millennials are taking over the workforce, creating drastic changes in offices and the very nature […]

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22 Jan
Which Office Communication Styles Attract Millennials and Why

Which employee communications styles allow millennials to thrive in the workplace? Microsoft partnered with SurveyMonkey and polled more than 1,000 […]

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12 Jan
Tailoring Your Employee Benefits Communications to Your Workforce

Your company offers great benefits. Your employees need to know about them. This is why creating excellent, engaging employee benefits […]

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