Millennials at Work

Millennials are making up a growing segment of the workforce as more and more baby boomers are retiring. With this generational shift have also come shifts in philosophy and in general situation. Millennials are changing their workplaces and how companies do business internally. Here is a place to find out what’s coming from millennials at work.

10 Sep
Social Media: A Distraction or a Useful Tool for Companies of All Sizes?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both but Adweek exclaims that 92% of businesses use social media platforms like LinkedIn, […]

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6 Aug
Using Video to Reach Millennial Employees

Video communication is paramount to any kind of millennial engagement effort your company can perform. The written word isn’t dead, […]

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6 Jul
How to Get Millennials to Sign up for Your Health Insurance Plan

According to the 2018 Millennial Benefit Trends Report, the millennials at work participating were asked to rank the benefit categories […]

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28 Jun
Millennial Engagement: Managing Time off for Newer, Younger Employees

Vacation days, time off, and generally an intuitive, positive, supportive work environment attract the best job candidates. In all industries […]

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19 Jun
Employee Communications: All Aboard the USS Internship Program

For some high school and college students, summer is the time to get away from the regimens of classes, lectures […]

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8 May
If You Want to Attract and Keep Millennials at Work, Make Sure You Have the Right Boss

Millennials at work have certain expectations that, if they aren’t met, will lead to their departure. A good boss is […]

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