Video Communications

9 Aug
How Employee Video Communications Is Being Used to Improve Benefits Enrollment

Employee video communications have become a useful tool for many HR departments across multiple industries. …

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1 Aug
What Is a Digital Postcard?

Flimp’s digital postcards are the answer to many internal, employee and corporate communications needs. Open …

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25 Jul
When Your Workforce Goes Mobile, Your Communications Need to Go Mobile Too

Mobile technology is growing beyond being the latest trend or convenience and is putting down …

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21 Jul
Digital Solutions to Help HR Teams Plan Ahead for Open Enrollment

Healthcare benefits offerings are becoming as complex and diverse as the modern workforce. Perhaps this …

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20 Jul
How Employee Video Communications Greatly Improves Engagement

Employee video communications using “digital video postcards” has been shown to improve overall employee engagement. …

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5 Jul
Why Digital Communications Matter

If your company is not using digital communications in the workplace, you are being left …

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