Video Communications

20 Dec
Four Ways to Use Video Communications to Grow Your Business

Video technology is changing the way businesses operate. From employee recruitment, education and training to …

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8 Dec
Six Ways to Use Video Communications in Your Healthcare Blog

Running a healthcare blog can be challenging, rewarding and exciting. You can get a lot …

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23 Jun
Three Reasons to Use Video Communications for Staff Training and Education

Finding interesting ways to share important information with employees about company successes and corporate initiatives, …

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24 Mar
Younger Workers Demand Video as a Communication Tool

We found this interesting article published by eWeek about the need for video as a …

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17 Aug
Employers Using Video Communications More Frequently to Engage Employees

The explosion of video and mobile in the consumer world is changing how employees consume …

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21 Aug
Video Analytics: Going Beyond Video Production

Flimp Media tracks video analytics for viewer engagement and other analytics to learn how well …

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