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Employee Benefits Communication

best practices for creating hr digital postcards
Employee Benefits Communication

Best Practices for Creating HR Digital Postcards

A well-chosen print postcard — the kind you might send friends back home from a vacation destination — can convey the essence of a place with just a single picture and a few lines of text. A well-designed digital postcard can communicate even more.

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essential tips for engaging benefits guides
Benefits Guides

5 Essentials for Engaging Benefits Guides

Reading about benefits shouldn’t be a chore. The following five strategies derived from modern design and communications best practices will help you transform your organization’s benefits guide into an engaging and enlightening read:

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how to send better open enrollment emails
Employee Benefits Communication

How to Send Better Open Enrollment Emails

How many times has an employee asked you a question during open enrollment that you already answered via email? Probably too many to count.

Fortunately, a few simple strategies can help more of your open enrollment emails make it through this initial round of culling — and significantly reduce the time you spend answering the same questions.

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can you text your employees texting regulations
Employee Benefits Communication

Can You Text Your Employees? A Quick 101 on SMS Rules

Crucially, federal texting regulations apply to nearly any use of automated texting systems, regardless of the intended recipients. As an employer, if you text or plan to mass text your employees, you must understand and follow these regulations.

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4 tips for leading virtual benefits fairs
Employee Benefits Communication

Virtual Benefits Fairs: 4 Tips for Success

Whether this is your first virtual benefits fair or your fifth, the following four tips will help you roll out an experience that reduces your department’s stress, delights your employees, and achieves your organization’s objectives.

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