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stress in the workplace is a health concern
Employee Benefits Communication

Why Chief Human Resources Officers Are Investing in Mental Health and Wellness

As we’ve known for a while now, mental health is an important component of overall employee wellness. Mental health impacts productivity and morale, which ultimately impact the company’s bottom line. Businesses across industries are investing in initiatives designed to maintain or improve employees’ mental health.

decision support during benefits enrollment helps employees
Benefits Decision Support

Easing the Benefits Enrollment Process with Decision Support and More

It’s that time of year again, when many companies roll out new or returning healthcare options to employees. The problem? What employees want when determining their healthcare options doesn’t always match what employers think they want. SHRM observed that employers and employees have different ideas

benefits decision support portals
Benefits Decision Support

Packets to Portals: The Evolution of Benefits Decision Support

Today, benefits decision-support tools come in many different forms. You could say that the original support tools were those huge packets you had to read (and reread) to figure out what was covered and by which health insurance plan. Many companies still use packets. After

health and financial wellness
Employee Benefits Communication

How Better Employee Benefits Communications Can Solve the Usage Gap

More and more companies are providing wellness programs. There’s a growing disconnect between what’s offered and what’s understood and utilized by employees. This leaves organizations suffering from usage gaps in their employee wellness and benefits programs. How can organizations close usage gaps? By improving the

use benefits decision-support tools during open enrollment season
Benefits Decision Support

Anatomy of an Effective Benefits Decision-Support Initiative

The weather is starting to cool. The leaves are beginning to change colors. Pumpkin spice everything has hit the store shelves. That means just one thing. Open enrollment season for healthcare is here, and the time for benefits decision-support tools to shine is now. Open

employee training videos for new hire can convert for OE
Employee Benefits Communication

How Employee Training Videos Can Help During Open Enrollment

The open enrollment landscape has changed dramatically thanks to video communications technology like employee training videos. You might think of training videos as only making sense for new employees’ onboarding experiences or other training sessions. But this technology can help your enrollment sign-up and engagement

engage employees even during passive enrollment
Employee Benefits Communication

Why You Should Get Aggressive About Passive Enrollment Communications

Annual enrollment is a stressful time for human resources and employees alike. Making few changes and leaning into a passive enrollment can seem like the easiest solution for all involved. It’s more time consuming for HR as it falls on them to roll over workers’

health and wellness initiatives are growing more diverse
Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives That Are Breaking the Mold

In the past, employee health and wellness programs have focused on helping prevent common office-health issues. This has been approached with things like yoga classes and eating healthy snacks. But employees are expecting more from these health and wellness programs. Companies have responded to what

benefits decision support tools help employees
Benefits Decision Support

Benefits Decision Support: Study Says Workers Want More Choice

Benefits decision-support tools are designed to help present benefits options to employees, especially healthcare and wellness programs. The more personalized these tools are, the more employees will use them. So, if healthcare choices are limited or if they don’t fit employee needs, why use benefits decision-support

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