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new perspective style for benefits enrollment videos
Employee Benefits Communication

A Fresh Perspective on Employee Benefits Videos

Every year, after annual enrollment season wraps up, we go back through all the work we’ve done to evaluate our products and processes to identify what we can do to better serve our clients’ needs. We’ve spent much of the first half of 2019 developing,

insurers often pass costs onto the insured
Benefits Decision Support

Managing Healthcare Spending the Right Way, Part One – The Balancing Act

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part exploration of the impact of benefits decision support on internal healthcare costs. Look for Part Two in the coming days. Managing healthcare costs is a constant challenge for American businesses. Our workforce has a substantial number

look to marketing for help improving employee benefits communications
Employee Benefits Communication

Improve Employee Benefits Communications by Using Marketing Concepts

Employee benefits communications are, by and large, a pain point for most benefits brokers, HR leaders and C-suite executives because they see the effects of a workforce that’s disengaged and unhappy with its benefits options firsthand. Employee engagement and benefits enrollment are still large issues

benefits enrollment is coming so be sure you're prepared
Employee Benefits Communication

Problem Solved: Preparing for Annual Benefits Enrollment (a Report)

HR teams are almost always in problem-solving mode, but the problems encountered while planning and preparing for open enrollment are in a league of their own. Communicating difficult topics like healthcare and benefits enrollment grows increasingly complicated as workforces are spread across broader and broader demographics.

workforce txt for employee communications, new-hire orientation
Employee Benefits Communication

Automated New-Hire Orientation: Where HR and Video Fit In

New-hire orientation is a difficult process to do well. HR teams working on employee onboarding initiatives, especially in a time when new generations of workers are entering the office and bringing different attitudes and values with them, must set employees up for success as efficiently

benefits communication
Employee Benefits Communication

How to Improve Employee Benefits Communication and Enrollment

Benefits brokers often have to compete for the attention of employees seeking benefits. There are many ways employees get distracted and often put off signing up for benefits until open enrollment is nearly over. Investing in employee benefits communication initiatives can help bring your employees

employee benefits programs planning
Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Benefits Programs and the Modern Workplace

In a business landscape characterized by critical and sustained skill shortages, human capital has grown to become a key differentiator for organizations in every industry. In the US, these trends have been exasperated further by record-low unemployment rates, which have made it even more difficult

workplace benefits
Employee Benefits Communication

Why Millennials Overwhelmingly Prefer Workplace Benefits over Extra Salary

Millennials know the value of workplace benefits and often will gravitate toward organizations that offer the most comprehensive benefits packages over the highest salaries. Every employee values workplace perks but does its importance outweigh being paid more? In an article published by the Bristol Herald

taking notes during an employee benefits meeting
Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Benefits and Compensation: Navigating Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is in full swing and if you’re a small business owner with the ability to offer employee benefits and compensation packages, you’re probably already hearing all about it. Your employees are making the best decisions they can right now to make sure they’re

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