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Employee Benefits Communication

Flimp Featured: CEO Wayne Wall Shares Insight on Virtual Enrollment Communications

Responding to the pandemic, many companies are planning for an annual enrollment that looks nothing like last year. Flimp Communications CEO, Wayne Wall, shared his professional insights with EBN in, “Virtual Communications Planning for Open Enrollment.” Wayne takes readers from the process of developing an

make a change management plan for welcoming employees back to the office
Change Management

Change Management: Five Tips to Welcome Employees Back Successfully

Is your team returning to the office in the near future? Are you developing a change management plan to help employees adapt to the new normal while taking the necessary safety precautions? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon. Companies all

thank you notes can show simple but sincere appreciation
Employee Communications

Employee Recognition: Five Ways to Show Worker Appreciation During COVID-19

While we continue to work through these challenging times – many of us, from the safety of home – it’s important to feel appreciated and recognized for our hard work. Unfortunately, Gallup has found that employees don’t feel adequately recognized. In 2004, Gallup’s polls showed

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Change Management

Flimp CPO Joins Forbes Human Resource Council

Our Chief People Officer, Heather Smith, recently joined the Forbes Human Resource Council and she’s wasting no time sharing her years of experience. She was featured as part of their expert panel in their article, “15 Surprising Ways HR Can Contribute in Times of Crisis.”

employee communications are important while working from home
Change Management

Lessons Learned: HR, Employee Communications and COVID-19

Well, things are certainly different, aren’t they? The plans everyone had a few months ago have gone right out the window. What do we do about it? For those of us in HR and employee communications, these are the times we’ve been training for all

Flimp Communications COVID-19 employee communications
Change Management

Provide Ongoing Employee Communications to Engage and Reassure

The COVID-19 crisis is emphasizing how important it is to stay connected with your workforce, while simultaneously making it harder to do so. The speed at which the situation is changing and the localized nature of many regulations requires targeted messaging with a quick turnaround.

year-round communications help preparedness for crisis communications
Change Management

Using Video for Year-Round (and Crisis) Employee Communication

Robust employee communication beyond open enrollment craziness is the key to improving employee engagement and ensuring workers stay informed. But outside of annual enrollment, it can be more difficult to capture and hold workers’ attention on benefits issues. That is, with the exception of major

stress in the workplace is a health concern
Change Management

Financial Wellness in a Health and Economic Crisis

This year’s federal tax season has been extended to July 15th due to the COVID-19 health crisis. With everyone under unique and often financial strains, many are examining their finances, searching for ways to save money. Now more than ever, the different needs and questions

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