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Employee Communications

HR managers need to stay on top of tech trends in the industry
Change Management

Tech Trends for HR Managers: The Year Ahead

HR managers are in the midst of a global revolution for the better. We’re currently experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The first of these revolutions saw the introduction of mechanization with both steam and water power. The second featured mass production made possible by electricity.

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millennials prefer workplace texting communications
Employee Communications

The Truth About Workplace Texting Communications

Workplace texting communications and instant messaging systems are nothing new. In fact, the technology has been around long enough for different generations of workers to react to it in different ways. Many workers have embraced these systems for the ease they bring. They make it

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Season's Greetings from Flimp Communications
Employee Communications

Season’s Greetings from Flimp Communications

2019 has been a year full of changes for us here at Flimp Communications. Our team continued to grow, we developed a new animation style and we’ve survived another busy open enrollment season. It’s been a wonderful year and we would like to thank everyone

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HR managers have to understand millennials at work to build loyalty
Employee Communications

How HR Managers Affect the Loyalty of Millennials at Work

If you pay attention to certain articles published around the web, you’d think HR managers are pulling their hair out trying to keep millennials at work. They assume millennials and Generation Z are flighty, flaky workers who don’t stick with the same employer for long.

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millennials at work use tech for efficiency
Benefits Decision Support

How Your Technology Might Be Disengaging Millennials at Work

It’s no secret that millennials at work crave better technology to perform daily tasks, learn about employee benefits, communicate with peers and superiors, and more. Millennials are well versed in how to use technology to simplify their work and lives. They learn fast because they

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new perspective style for benefits enrollment videos
Employee Benefits Communication

A Fresh Perspective on Employee Benefits Videos

Every year, after annual enrollment season wraps up, we go back through all the work we’ve done to evaluate our products and processes to identify what we can do to better serve our clients’ needs. We’ve spent much of the first half of 2019 developing,

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employee communications planning and technology
Employee Communications

Employee Communications vs. Employee Engagement: Crucial Differences

It’s easy to confuse employee communications with employee engagement these days. Engagement numbers in most workplaces, especially large companies, have been low for some time. This has prompted HR departments in all industries to create better programs and systems to communicate more effectively with employees,

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Benefits Decision-Support Tools
Benefits Decision Support

Why Invest in Benefits Decision-Support Tools?

By now, if you’re in the market for new benefits decision-support tools, you’ve seen the ugly statistics. The overwhelming majority of American workers don’t understand basic insurance concepts like deductibles and co-insurance. Most simply default to keeping the same plan year after year. 80% of

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