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Employee Training Videos

new hires benefit from employee training videos
Employee Training Videos

Opportunities to Utilize Employee Training Videos

Employee training videos can be excellent supplements to the on-the-job training every employee goes through when starting a new job. But when they’re used improperly (or not at all), employees can’t benefit from them, and training gaps start to appear – gaps which cost time

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talent management can be like herding cats
Employee Communications

Herding Cats: A Brief Guide to Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and retention and talent management are crucial yet difficult jobs HR departments are tasked with across all industries. Here’s a new way to think about these slippery concepts to improve your team and your company. The 2000 Superbowl was a battle between the St. 

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health and wellness
Employee Training Videos

The Most Important Health and Wellness Benefit

Spoiler alert: the most important health and wellness benefit for your employees is a sense of belonging. When employees feel comfortable in the office and come in ready to help advance the company’s goals every day, everyone wins. The employee health and wellness benefits industry

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Employee Training Videos

Building a Training and Development Focused Organization with Video

Building a training and development program is one thing, but video communications can help training improve employee engagement in the long term. Training and development has both long- and short-term goals. For employees joining your organization, training is essential. Failing to get clear responsibilities and

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employee engagement
Change Management

Employee Engagement and Reviving What We’ve Forgotten

Employee engagement thrives when everyone shares and works together. If we re-learn what we knew as children, we can improve employee communications. It’s the Little Ones Who can Teach us About Employee Engagement and Teamwork If you’ve ever been around toddlers and kindergartners, you’ll notice

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new in video communications training
Employee Training Videos

2019: What’s New in Video Communications

A video communications system is no longer just a tool for big companies. Welcome to 2019. According to the Business Dictionary, video is a “visual multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.” People tend to think of video as

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developing an employee training program
Employee Engagement

Employee Training Programs: Why Video Is Ideal

Employee training is both the great panacea and the scapegoat for underperformance and workplace problems like harassment, bullying and incivility. When training programs are well crafted, they do much more than give employees the basic tools to succeed at your company: they foster better teamwork,

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new-hire onboarding and training
Employee Training Videos

New-Hire Onboarding: The Magic of On-Demand Communications

New-hire onboarding has to balance many factors. With workers (especially younger workers) moving from company to company more frequently than in the past, orientation and onboarding efforts are more important than ever. Human resources leaders will take all the help they can get from new

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