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new perspective style for benefits enrollment videos
Employee Benefits Communication

A Fresh Perspective on Employee Benefits Videos

Every year, after annual enrollment season wraps up, we go back through all the work we’ve done to evaluate our products and processes to identify what we can do to better serve our clients’ needs. We’ve spent much of the first half of 2019 developing,

make sure your business management style is an effective one
Change Management

Why to Avoid the Iron Fist Business Management Style

Every organization has its own business management style. Unfortunately, one of the most common styles in business is the Iron Fist. HBO’s recent Chernobyl miniseries explored the nature of the accident, the people involved with its containment and the collateral effects on ordinary people in

millennials at work
Employee Communications

Five Millennial Stereotypes and How They Complete the Workplace

You see millennials at work every day, completing the typical 40 hours a week. You share an office with them. You speak to them in meetings, during coffee breaks or over daily tasks. They are your co-workers and they all come with unique personalities. When

Change Management

Change Management: How HR and Leadership Can Work Together

Change management comes down to proper planning, collaboration and execution. When the human resources department and the c-suite executives work together, everyone wins. The best-laid plans often become so warped when trying to lead a change initiative that it makes you wonder if planning for

HR manager and new employee
Featured Articles

The Hard Work of Soft Skills

It might be time to stop calling them “soft skills,” because interacting and communicating with others is probably the most important skillset employees need on the first day of new-hire onboarding. Greek philosopher Heraclitus is known as the author of an observation that perennially describes the

new hire onboarding illustration
Featured Articles

Why New-Hire Onboarding Matters More Than Ever

Take a step back from the statistics for a moment and put yourself in the shoes of a new employee. If your first days on the job are characterized by disorganization, confusion and frustration, how much longer would you work for that company? Businesses lose

employee engagement is vital for new-hire onboarding
Employee Engagement

Why New-Hire Onboarding Fails and How You Can Make It a Success

New-hire onboarding efforts fails because too many onboarding processes are flawed. Training, clear responsibilities, and useable technology are key. Here is a thought that should keep you up at night. More than a quarter of your new hires are going to quit within the first

change management
Change Management

Tenets of Effective Change Management

Change management is often overlooked as a crucial component of any corporate structure. Most managers and business leaders believe that the time to bring in a change agent is when processes are broken, communications have ground to a halt, and the company is losing business.

make training easier with benefits presentation videos
Employee Benefits Communication

New-Hire Onboarding Made Easier with Benefits Presentation Videos

New-hire onboarding processes are necessarily time consuming. Employees need time to acclimate to their new office and organization—and that’s before they have to make decisions about their health insurance and other benefits available to them. Video communications have been assisting onboarding efforts for years, but

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