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Health and Wellness

millennials at work
Employee Communications

Millennials at Work: How to Avoid Burnout in the Workplace

Millennials at work and many others all have an idea of what work burnout is but what are the tell-tale signs you or someone else is experiencing it? By definition, if you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, detached or ineffective due to an overwhelming workload, work that

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make mindfulness part of your wellness program
Health and Wellness

Mindfulness Tools and Apps HR Should Use

A few years ago, business leaders and human resources professionals found an answer to rising workplace stress, increased incivility, and lowered productivity: mindfulness. Since then, many HR tools and apps are making mindfulness an employee benefit with measurable results. We could all be a bit

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employee education
Employee Engagement

Employee Education: Time and Money Well-Spent

“Learning is the only thing a mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” Leonardo da Vinci As one of the masters in the field of fine art, da Vinci knew what it took to move forward and excel in a field. It’s an essential

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Employee Benefits Communication

How to Get Millennials to Sign up for Your Health Insurance Plan

According to the 2018 Millennial Benefit Trends Report, the millennials at work participating were asked to rank the benefit categories from most to least important. Number one on the list is “Health Insurance,” which 63.64% rated as “Extremely Important”. Once millennials turn 26 years of

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what does corporate culture have to say about summer vacations?
Employee Engagement

Why You Should Encourage Summer Vacations

Most American workers are workaholics and refuse to take time off work. Studies reveal that more than half are leaving their vacation time unused. While most businesses appreciate the dedication and commitment of hardworking employees, employers need to encourage workers to take time off and

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