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Employee Communications

Video Communication Coming to Conference Rooms Everywhere

According to the Nemertes 2018-19 Visual Communication and Collaboration Study, over one-third of organizations are planning to expand video employee communications and conferencing technology in large meeting rooms (10+ people). The study, which examined five hundred companies, found that 20% of large conference rooms have

make training easier with benefits presentation videos
Employee Benefits Communication

New-Hire Onboarding Made Easier with Benefits Presentation Videos

New-hire onboarding processes are necessarily time consuming. Employees need time to acclimate to their new office and organization—and that’s before they have to make decisions about their health insurance and other benefits available to them. Video communications have been assisting onboarding efforts for years, but

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Employee Benefits Communication

Training and Compliance: Simplify your Training Program

Training and compliance programs are vital to the success of your business and employees. There are many employee training programs that companies incorporate into their culture to boost employee communications, productivity, and engagement. Training programs may involve instruction in customer service, diversity & understanding, computers

video communications add authenticity to virtual meetings
HR and Employee Videos

Building Authenticity and Transparency with Video Communications

Video communications add a level of authenticity and transparency to employee communications, especially in a distributed workplace. Trust, authenticity and transparency are usually the first ingredients of a healthy corporate culture. If employees can’t trust that their managers have their best interests in mind, they

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Employee Communications

Branding and Content Will Improve Employee Communication

When we talk about branding and content and their relationship with employee communication, we’re really talking about emotions and perceptions. What your employees feel about the company they work for determines everything from their performance to their willingness to participate in your workplace community. Branding,

viewing employee benefits videos
Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Benefits Videos for the Future

We’re in an exciting new era of video communications in corporate settings, and employee benefits videos are now easier to access and use as a training and employee benefits sign-up tool than ever before. The move to video has helped countless employees get the information

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HR and Employee Videos

Corporate Culture for All Personalities

A positive, supportive corporate culture is important in all workplaces. When workers are motivated and collaborating with each other openly and with as little conflict as possible, everyone wins—everyone makes money, and everyone’s happy. Building and maintaining a corporate culture that makes use of conflict

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Employee Benefits Communication

Communicating with Style: Choosing the Right Templated Style for Internal Messaging

Motion graphics are a cost-effective avenue when incorporating video in your employee communications and training efforts. Perhaps the greatest challenge motion graphic videos present to development teams is choice. There is an entire spectrum of options between animation and moving images, which make finding a

corporate culture
HR and Employee Videos

Corporate Culture: Why Anonymized Feedback Works

Corporate culture has always been affected negatively and positively by how empowered the voice of the employee is in any organization. Recently, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, we’ve seen harrowing examples of management gone wrong, and power running amok. Many organizations believe they’ve

video communication
Employee Communications

Video Communication: When Information Packets Are Not Enough

Information is key to the success of your business. It keeps your customers, partnerships, vendors, employees, and everyone else involved in your bottom line informed of events and happening within your company. The way you deliver your information will determine how it is perceived and

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