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Employee Communications

Improve Employee Communications with Video Communications

Employee communications and video communications are becoming more intertwined every day in the human resources world. Even with technology changing employee engagement, the name of the game is still communication. That’s why I had used that word twice in my title. Your internal communications systems

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Employee Benefits Communication

Three Ways to Spice up Your Video Communications

When we talk about video communications from a human resources standpoint, we understand that the end result should be an on-brand, informative, useful product for employees. But if your employees never use these resources, what good are they? Here’s how you can draw eyeballs to

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Employee Communications

Using Video to Reach Millennial Employees

Video communication is paramount to any kind of millennial engagement effort your company can perform. The written word isn’t dead, but video should enhance and supplement your written internal communications. Saying millennials react more effectively to video is an understatement. According to The Animoto Blog,

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Benefits Decision Support

Tips for Effective Open Enrollment Communications

Every HR professional understands that employee benefits are one of the biggest reasons employees choose one job over another, and your company provides great benefits—a quality health insurance plan, for example. In fact, open enrollment is coming up, so naturally your employees should all be

Employee Communications

Why Regular Maintenance of Your Video Library Is Crucial

You know what words very rarely come to mind when I think of a company’s video library? Current. Fresh. Exciting. Modern. Businesses have a lot of priorities and taking the time to go through your video library for regular maintenance and improvements is often very

HR and Employee Videos

Making Video Communications More Accessible to All

Video communications are great for today’s office. Linking everyone working in different places together, spreading the same information to everyone all at once, and all the other benefits of informative, fast video communications give businesses an advantage, except for when accessibility problems come up. Obviously,

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Employee Benefits Communication

Key Differences Between 401(k) Plans and 401(b) Plans

Your employees might be confused when they walk into the office for the first time and are handed an employee benefits and compensation packet showing the various financial wellness options and benefits of a 401(b) retirement plan rather than the standard 401(k). It’s understandable when

Employee Benefits Communication

Financial Wellness Topics to Discuss after Taxes

Financial wellness has long been a hot topic for employees and employers even before millennials started taking jobs while saddled with huge student debt amounts. With tax season mostly over, there’s no better time to discuss how you can help employees be more secure with

Employee Onboarding and Where Video Communications Come In

Shifts in the basic understanding of how we work are changing all parts of human resources, including what it means to be engaged, and even what it means to be a ‘typical’ worker. Employee onboarding is changing rapidly because the ‘typical’ employee is changing. Technology,

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