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Employee Benefits Communication

Employee Benefits Millennials Want and How to Deliver Them

You’ve probably heard of how millennials are taking over the workforce, creating drastic changes in offices and the very nature of work itself. As a result of Generation Y entering careers and the workforce over the past decade or so, companies have to compete to

employee communications
Employee Communications

Which Office Communication Styles Attract Millennials and Why

Which employee communications styles allow millennials to thrive in the workplace? Microsoft partnered with SurveyMonkey and polled more than 1,000 millennials in the U.S. to find out what helped them ‘thrive in the workplace.’ The results showed that 93 percent of millennials polled cited modern

employee benefits communications
Employee Benefits Communication

Tailoring Your Employee Benefits Communications to Your Workforce

Your company offers great benefits. Your employees need to know about them. This is why creating excellent, engaging employee benefits communications is important. In fact, these days a lot of employees say they would take certain benefits like comprehensive health insurance or company stock and

Employee Communications

The Advantage of HR Training Videos

HR training videos, as we all know have, in many workplaces, taken the place or offered a significant supplement to in-person employee orientations. What is the advantage to moving training to a video platform? In-person training and communication will (hopefully) never lose its effectiveness. Working

HR and Employee Videos

How to Use a Video Communication Agency to Improve Corporate Culture

Not every video communication agency is the same, nor do they offer the same services in some cases. Some offer products aimed at helping explain healthcare benefits and little else. Others work with your organization in an all-inclusive partnerships, which can improve corporate culture and

Employee Engagement

How Scripted Internal Video Communications Build Community

Internal video communications come in all shapes and sizes. Some companies use internal communication tactics like live streaming to communicate better and faster with remote and in-house employees. Here’s how scripted videos can help deliver information and build community in the workplace. Many organizations are

Employee Communications

How Much Monitoring of Employee Video Communications Is Too Much?

Employee video communications solve many problems for organizations and company leaders, but what happens when monitoring employees using this technology goes too far? There’s nothing wrong with a company monitoring employee video communications. Some of the very valid reasons an employer might want to do

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