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Internal Communications

influencer tactics can help with change management initiatives
Change Management

Why Change Management Innovators Should Work with Influencers

The term change management describes approaches that aid everyone from individuals to entire companies to make organizational changes. A perpetual challenge of change management is selling these changes to your workforce. You must market these changes to your employees, and that’s where influencer marketing can

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diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Change Management

Diversity and Inclusion for All

Diversity and inclusion have never been more important in the workplace than right now. What do these terms mean, and how can organizations hope to improve diversity and inclusion in their offices? Many terms have worked their way into the language of business over the

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employee communications planning and technology
Employee Communications

Employee Communications vs. Employee Engagement: Crucial Differences

It’s easy to confuse employee communications with employee engagement these days. Engagement numbers in most workplaces, especially large companies, have been low for some time. This has prompted HR departments in all industries to create better programs and systems to communicate more effectively with employees,

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make sure your business management style is an effective one
Change Management

Why to Avoid the Iron Fist Business Management Style

Every organization has its own business management style. Unfortunately, one of the most common styles in business is the Iron Fist. HBO’s recent Chernobyl miniseries explored the nature of the accident, the people involved with its containment and the collateral effects on ordinary people in

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look to marketing for help improving employee benefits communications
Employee Benefits Communication

Improve Employee Benefits Communications by Using Marketing Concepts

Employee benefits communications are, by and large, a pain point for most benefits brokers, HR leaders and C-suite executives because they see the effects of a workforce that’s disengaged and unhappy with its benefits options firsthand. Employee engagement and benefits enrollment are still large issues

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Benefits Decision-Support Tools
Benefits Decision Support

Why Invest in Benefits Decision-Support Tools?

By now, if you’re in the market for new benefits decision-support tools, you’ve seen the ugly statistics. The overwhelming majority of American workers don’t understand basic insurance concepts like deductibles and co-insurance. Most simply default to keeping the same plan year after year. 80% of

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diversity and inclusion
Change Management

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion Without Corporate Emphasis

  Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords of the politically correct. Yes, they represent the right priorities, but there are bottom-line, business-driven reasons to be diverse and inclusive. A study back in 2013 actually measured its value – the “diversity dividend” is real

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health and wellness
Health and Wellness

Designing and Managing Your Health and Wellness Program

Health and wellness programs are one of the most effective ways to enhance employee engagement and retention. These programs prove the organization genuinely cares about how staff members feel. That’s why 81% of large companies and 49% of small firms have one. But there are

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