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New-Hire Onboarding

Employee Training Videos

The Seven Biggest HR Challenges Companies Will Face in 2018

Businesses of all sizes face a variety of issues in the workplace, such as an evolving workforce, mental health issues, and cybersecurity threats. Learn more about the seven biggest HR challenges companies will face in 2018. 1. Cybersecurity In 2017 there were some major cybersecurity

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employee onboarding videos
Employee Engagement

Balancing Employee Onboarding Videos with a Human Touch

Fear not, recruiters and HR personnel! Robots, algorithms, and digital programs won’t be taking your job just yet. While employee onboarding videos and automated onboarding software is rapidly making an impact in the recruiting process, a balance must remain between automated solutions and a human

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Employee Communications

How to Onboard: Take Time to Reflect

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~ Henry Ford Most of us begin the new year by reflecting on the old—what we accomplished, where we failed, what we’d do differently. Developing and revising the onboarding process requires us

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corporate culture and teamwork
Employee Communications

Corporate Culture: Letting New Employees Contribute

New employees can bring a fresh perspective to your corporate culture and contribute in their own way, if they are encouraged. In an earlier posting, I talked about the need to integrate new hires into the corporate culture in much the way a country needs

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Employee Communications

The Advantage of HR Training Videos

HR training videos, as we all know have, in many workplaces, taken the place or offered a significant supplement to in-person employee orientations. What is the advantage to moving training to a video platform? In-person training and communication will (hopefully) never lose its effectiveness. Working

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