The Best Benefits Decision-Support Tool Available

PLANselect® helps employees choose the optimal health plan that will give them the lowest cost and best value based on their medical needs. Our predicted OOP cost data is far more accurate than cartoon-led calculator products, with 70-80% lower PEPY costs. Give us a try.


Provides the Highest Employee Engagement Rates of Any Health Plan Decision-Support Tool


Lower Cost Per Employee

Typical cost is 60-80% lower than cartoon-guided health plan decision-support products.


Fast Setup and Implementation

Setup takes few days once plan details are received. We handle the setup for broker partners.


5 Minutes to Complete

Compare this to the 20+ minutes it takes employees to complete cartoon-guided products.


Comprehensive Analysis

Unbiased, credible data versus calculator tools. Provides personal value and OOP cost analysis.


Available in Spanish

Help Spanish-speaking employees with health plan decision support at no additional cost.


HSA-Contribution Calculator

Includes an HSA tool to help employees determine HSA payroll contributions and tax savings.

How PLANselect Works

On an employer-branded website, employees answer a few questions about their anticipated medical needs. Then the proprietary algorithms provide a personalized cost analysis and health plan comparison, which includes premium costs, employee out-of-pocket costs (co-pays, deductibles) and employer HSA or HRA contributions. All employee information is kept confidential and the tools are available in both English and Spanish.

Unbiased. Simple to use. Informative.

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Get Heatmap Diagnostics of Your Medical Plans

Anticipate the recommendations your employees will receive with a simulated heatmap diagnostic of your medical plans. The heatmap is intended to help an employer anticipate the plan value score rankings likely to be generated by PLANselect, allowing an employer to visualize the plans that will be recommended most frequently and under what circumstances.

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