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Flimp Communications Launches BENEFITchoice, Personalized Employee Benefits-Assessment Tool

Heather Bliss

Heather Bliss

Tool helps employees prioritize and assess voluntary and supplemental benefits offered by their employer

BOSTONSept. 30, 2020

Flimp Communications, a leading developer of digital employee communication and engagement solutions, today announced the availability of BENEFITchoice®, a benefits-assessment tool that helps employees evaluate and prioritize voluntary and supplemental benefits. In a year when benefit fairs are canceled, a digital solution like BENEFITchoice supplemented with educational videos can help employees choose the best benefits to meet their needs. BENEFITchoice is a sister product to PLANselect®, Flimp’s flagship benefits decision-support tool that helps employees select the optimal medical plan for their needs.

With more than three million employees and 3,000 organizations using the PLANselect model, Flimp has seen average engagement rates exceeding 60 percent and expects a similar response for BENEFITchoice. These quick and easy-to-use evaluation tools are available in both English and Spanish and can be combined to provide powerful, unbiased benefits decision support for employees, helping to lower healthcare costs and free up limited HR support resources.

“With PLANselect and BENEFITchoice, we’re able to greatly reduce employee queries, increase enrollment rates and lower renewal costs for most employers,” said Wayne Wall, CEO and founder of Flimp Communications. “When we introduced PLANselect, we saw our clients gaining immediate value in terms of the time they saved and the overall increase in engagement with the enrollment process. We expect BENEFITchoice will garner a similar response and are pleased to roll this out to help HR and benefit teams during an unprecedented open enrollment season.”

While traditional benefits enrollment meetings and presentations are being moved online due to COVID 19, employers and benefits providers need easy-to-implement online tools and solutions that help employees make better-informed choices related to available medical plans and supplemental benefits offerings. BENEFITchoice offers interactive tools that help employees quickly assess non-core medical benefits and get personalized recommendations based on their needs. Decision-support tools like PLANselect and BENEFITchoice help replace traditional benefits-enrollment and onboarding meetings, while lowering overall costs and reducing the demand for support staff.

The power of BENEFITchoice is in its confidentiality and its simplicity. Flimp’s decision-support tools don’t share or store sensitive employee data with the employer, eliminating any HIPAA liability. The proprietary assessment tool asks a few short questions about the employee’s financial and medical health. The algorithms then cross-reference response data to benefit offerings and match the employee to the best non-medical voluntary and supplemental options for their family. The process can be completed in less than five minutes and allows employees to repeat the steps and adjust their responses to see how results change. Recommendations are shared along with accompanying materials like links to plan information or educational videos.

BENEFITchoice and PLANselect highlights:
Fast Setup: Flimp gathers and enters all plan information and rates into the BENEFITchoice site, which can be linked to existing HRIS or payroll systems and ready to roll out in a few days to a week.
Effective: It automates the education process and saves time for HR and benefits providers.
Personalized: Voluntary benefit recommendations that deliver the most value for individual and family needs.
Confidential: No identifiable personal data is collected so there is no chance it will be compromised. Unbiased: No benefit plan is promoted over another, ensured by the proprietary algorithm.
Family Friendly: It can be shared with other decision makers in the family to ensure they all have a sense of the value each benefit provides.

How it works:
For the employer or broker, the set-up process is very easy and straightforward. They simply provide Flimp with benefit plans and coverage summary information, premium contributions for each plan, and any FSA or HSA contributions. For the custom-website setup, all that is needed is a company logo, brand colors and text for the welcome page. Flimp does all of the implementation work, setting up the support tools within two to three days after the benefits plan details are received. Both PLANselect and BENEFITchoice can be rolled out in time for this year’s open enrollment with little or no IT support and both offer a Spanish-language version at no additional cost.

Pricing: Pricing for BENEFITchoice starts at $1.00 per employee, per year plus an annual licensing fee. Pricing for PLANselect starts at $3.00 per employee, per year plus an annual licensing fee.

You can learn more about BENEFITchoice in this quick overview video https://flimp.me/BENEFITchoiceVoluntary or sign up for a guided demo here: https://www.flimp.net/contact/.

About Flimp Communications:
Flimp Communications is a leader in HR, benefits, and employee communication and provides integrated communications solutions including software, decision-support tools, workforce texting, and interactive digital content to employers, HR consultants, insurance carriers, and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Burlington, VT, Denver, CO, and Vero Beach, FL, Flimp works with over 600 corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning content-communications platform enables users to create, distribute, and track interactive video and branded multimedia content without any programming or IT resources for corporate, internal, and employee communications. For more information, please visit www.flimp.net.

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