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    [Free Video] Health Insurance Key Terms, Explained

    Not understanding benefits terminology is near the top of the list of the many reasons that open enrollment and benefits selection stresses out employees. Employers that take the extra step to educate their employees on these key terms, in advance of, and during, benefits enrollment

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    Your 2021 Open Enrollment Action Plan and Timeline

    It’s hard to fix an airplane while you’re flying it. It’s also difficult to thoughtfully prepare educational benefits-communication materials when you are in the throes of open enrollment. To help prepare you for what’s ahead and keep your communications on target, we’ve created a comprehensive

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    Download: The Open Enrollment Playbook

    Open enrollment is exhausting.  You spend months preparing for it, selecting benefits providers, pulling together plan documentation, and getting everything ready to maximize your enrollment window.  But then you start sending emails and they don’t get read. You have benefits presentations or meetings where people

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    six common open enrollment challenges

    The Six Most Common Challenges with Open Enrollment

    Some years, open enrollment goes smoothly. Other years, it definitely doesn’t. If you’re dealing with an active enrollment year, then you know the importance of having a successful open enrollment.  So how can you do that? It starts with understanding the reasons why OE fails.

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