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    4 Reasons Why Employees Hate Open Enrollment

    4 Reasons Employees Hate Open Enrollment

    No one expects open enrollment to be fun, but why can’t it at least be an opportunity for employees to recognize the value of your company’s generous benefits offerings? Here are some of the most common reasons employees dislike OE, along with some quick tips to solve each problem:

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    human resources and artificial intelligence

    HR and AI: Which Archetype Are You?

    AI might be the new kid on the block, but technological change isn’t new to folks in HR. But how will HR organizations fold AI into their processes? There are essentially three approaches HR teams can take toward the increased adoption of AI within their organization, embodied by the following archetypes:

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    Should HR Teams Provide Health Insurance Calculators

    Should HR Teams Provide Health Insurance Calculators?

    Nearly half (49%) of workers don’t understand their benefits. The most powerful health insurance calculators (think of them as the enterprise-class) are decision-support tools, the best of which can help employees predict their needs and spending, compare plans, and make satisfying decisions in minutes.

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