Advice for Improving Employee Communications and Engagement

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9 Jun
What You Learn in Kindergarten Actually Applies in the Workplace

American author Robert Lee Fulghum is best known for a book he created entitled All I Really Need to Know […]

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8 Jun
Flimp Helps Launch the Employee Communications Council!

In May, Flimp Communications helped to launch the Employee Communications Council (ECC). On the website, you will find timely, relevant, […]

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6 Jun
Compliance Relies on Internal Reporting

Compliance is a huge component of success in many industries that have tight regulations to follow. Any business that has […]

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6 Jun
When It Comes to Change Management and Business Communication, C-Suite Must Become Role Models

When it comes to business communications and change management, it’s axiomatic that you need buy-in from the C-suite executives of […]

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5 Jun
Employee Engagement and How It Forms a Corporate Culture That Produces Results

Employee engagement helps organizations develop a corporate culture, but what does that mean and how does it help a growing […]

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1 Jun
Employee Engagement: Why a Millennial’s Input Is Vital in the Workplace

Employee Engagement is all about engaging with everyone at an organization, no matter their age, background, or personal beliefs. As […]

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