Advice for Improving Employee Communications and Engagement

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23 Jun
Three Reasons to Use Video Communications for Staff Training and Education

Finding interesting ways to share important information with employees about company successes and corporate initiatives, to train employees on new […]

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2 Apr
Video Email Best Practices to Increase Employee Engagement and Enrollment

Over the past year, our team has studied the myriad ways HR professionals engage, educate, and help employees sign up […]

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24 Mar
Younger Workers Demand Video as a Communication Tool

We found this interesting article published by eWeek about the need for video as a communication tool for employees, especially […]

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27 Jan
HR: Here’s Why Forbes Thinks You’re Outdated

2015 was a wild ride for companies and organizations using myriad new, online technologies to enhance marketing, sales and the […]

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15 Dec
IRS Form 1095: Mandatory Healthcare Tax Reporting for Employees and Employers

Video and Video Postcard Communications Are Effective Solutions to Educate Employees Overview of Form 1095 (A, B and C) Much […]

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29 Sep
Open Enrollment and Year-Round Employee Benefits Engagement and Education

Flimp Communications is a preferred benefits communications solution for large employers, Fortune 500 companies, benefits brokers and agencies, and insurance […]

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