Increasing Enrollment for Voluntary Benefits Using Video

Jeff Daniels | | Employee Benefits Communication

engaging with voluntary benefitsThere is a lot of information for employees to sift through when it comes time to enroll in a benefits plan. With proper employee benefits communications, human resource departments are able to effectively educate their staff, so they can make an informed and educated decision. As an HR representative or employer, your goal is to increase conversion rates for voluntary employee benefits products and services, but this can be difficult when you’re limited to printed materials and already-too-long benefits meetings. One effective way to combat this issue is to use employee benefits videos and put more control into the hands of your workforce.

Why Use Employee Benefits Video Libraries?

The expenses involved with hiring a staff to write, film and act in your employee benefits videos can be costly, which is why buying an annual license for pre-produced HR benefits videos is key. Not only does it save you time, money and a headache, it also enables you to teach your employees about available voluntary benefits options, so they're able to enroll confidently. You have more options when licensing from a video library, choosing between animated or live action explainer videos.

PowerPoint Presentations vs. Online Videos

PowerPoint presentations have been one of the more common employee benefits communication options. But this is changing for many employers across the nation. Simply put, PowerPoint presentations are—more often than not—boring. They don’t effectively engage employees, which mean fewer of them will actually enroll. The purpose of online employee benefits videos is to educate and engage employees, so that they are more willing to enroll in a plan. Since these videos are great at that, employees learn better and are able to assess which plan would best suit them. When you need to increase the conversion rate for employee benefits enrollments, then you should consider using online video libraries as a quick, affordable and efficient alternative.

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