14 Sep

Free Video Explains Health Insurance Terms like Coinsurance and Deductibles for Employees

Available to Employers to Assist Employees During Employee Benefits Open Enrollment Season

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Flimp Communications, a leader in HR and employee benefits video communications, announced today it is offering its new “Five Key Health Insurance Terms Explained” animated video for free to employers to help educate employees during open enrollment season. The video is part of the company’s extensive educational HR and benefits video library available to employers. With multiple distribution options, the hosted HR videos can be sent by internal email, text message and embedded in intranets, benefits portals or other internal communications tools as an on-demand resource for employees.

Access the complimentary “Health Insurance Terms” video with distribution options here.

The Flimp video offering is in response to a recent PolicyGenius survey that showed only four percent of Americans is able to correctly define these common health insurance terms: coinsurance, copay, deductible and out-of-pocket maximums.  Flimp’s free health insurance terms video includes animated explanations of the four terms from the survey, plus premiums. These five terms are the foundation for employee understanding of available medical benefits plans.

Benefits enrollment education is in a period of transition. Drastic comprehension gaps have been revealed by the PolicyGenius and other surveys. In Aflac’s 2016 Open Enrollment Survey, 59% of respondents admitted there were aspects of their benefits they didn’t understand and 72% were looking for short, simple and stress-free ways to learn about those aspects to help them make decisions. The burden of providing benefits education, and explaining complex medical plan options, is falling on employers. Flimp Communications assists organizations in meaningful and cost-effective ways to engage and educate employees using digital communications.

“Having access to a library of educational videos allows companies to provide employees with the information they need to understand their benefits options, while lifting the burden of teaching these concepts from the shoulders of HR teams,” Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Communications, explained. “We also offer custom video content, benefits decision-support tools and HR communication solutions that drive more employee engagement and reduce overall benefits costs.”

Flimp’s animated HR video library consists of more than thirty videos available for license annually at $500 each.


About Flimp Communications

Flimp Communications is a leading human resources and employee benefits digital communications company with offices in Boston, MA, Burlington, VT, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL, and Manchester, U.K. They provide educational video content, benefits decision-support tools and interactive engagement solutions to large employers, benefits brokers, HR consultants, insurance carriers and healthcare providers. The FLIMP® content as a service (CaaS) multimedia communications platform enables users to create, manage, host, distribute and track video and interactive multimedia content without any programming or IT resources. For more information, visit www.flimp.net.


When it comes to digital postcards, I know we can count on Flimp to meet our deadlines and give us a communication piece that looks great and works beautifully. I couldn’t be happier with Flimp’s (and my project manager’s) dedication to customer service!
Christi Ferris Consultant, HR Communications – HRSC, Stantec
Our HR team is so excited about the new digital postcards. They have allowed us to reach employees in all corners of the country with a crisp and consistent message. We have saved countless hours for the HR team and employees by replacing the traditional in-person meetings with a slick digital delivery. Time is money and the digital postcards allow us a more efficient approach to budgeting HR dollars.
Christy Fenner HR Director, a.i. solutions
I must say, I am blown away by these videos! The videos were informational and incredibly well done. By far the most professional benefits video I have ever seen and I think the new hires will love it, as it really explains things quite well.
Gerry Smith II HRIT Analyst, Taubman
We were very concerned that employees who were used to passively going through the enrollment process would not realize the serious consequences of not actively enrolling—we needed to really get the word out about the new enrollment experience and the digital postcard helped us achieve this. In fact, 92% of caregivers successfully enrolled by the deadline!
Maureen Henson Chief Human Resource Officer, Regional Health
Flimp makes explaining benefits easy! Having video available for employees to reference is very beneficial. The video they created for us provides a lot of information in a way that is easy for employees to understand. The video also looks very professional.The time it took to pull the digital postcard communication together was very straightforward as well. I would use Flimp to make more employee communication videos and multimedia campaigns in the future.
Monika Frankowski HR Systems, ShoreTel
We have used Flimp for a variety of communication campaigns and have found them to be a valuable resource in reaching our target audience. They have become an extension of our strategic communications team and a valued partner.
Charlie Mabry VP Workplace Solutions, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
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