New Employee Benefits Video Library Helps Employers Explain Complex Topics to Employees

Flimp Communications, a leader in HR and employee benefits video communications, has rolled out a new website,, that makes it easy for employers to access and license animated explainer videos on many HR and employee benefits topics. Titles include medical benefits terms like HMO, HDHP and HSA; specialty benefits terms and other common human resource topics employees should have knowledge of like FMLA, EAP and COBRA.

As companies’ healthcare and benefits offerings become more complex, simple explanation videos available to employees and spouses on demand provide a simple solution for improved benefits communications. Increasingly, more diverse and geographically dispersed workforces are adding to the challenges employers face in helping individual workers make better, more informed choices when it comes to available benefits plans and offerings. Flimp’s HR communications videos—available in both Spanish and English—help reduce questions and calls from employees and new hires, especially during the busy annual benefits enrollment period.

“Our employee videos enable HR departments to provide on-demand education on a range of topics that are extremely helpful to employees and new hires for better understanding their benefits choices,” Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Communications, explained. “Rather than tie up HR staff with meetings and on-site presentations during open enrollment, employees can access the precise information they need when they need it, year round. The new site allows employers and benefits consultants to view available videos, letting them choose the topics that would be most helpful to them. We also offer various customized video and multimedia communication options for larger employers that want to supplement their benefits communications and digital resources.”

All licensed videos are hosted and tracked by Flimp’s cloud-based communications platform and allow clients to share and distribute videos in a variety of ways including embedding them in intranets, pasting them into emails, and sharing links viewable on tablets and mobile devices. regularly offers free videos along with the ability to customize any video.


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