A benefits decision-support tool your employees will actually use

Unlike a lot of other decision-support tools, PLANselect, available in both English and Spanish, takes five minutes or less to complete. It has high adoption among employees, and the tool drives good health plan decisions. 

And we do the setup for you in ~48 hours.

Help your employees make the right benefits decisions with decision support

Medical Plan Decision Support

PLANselect helps your employees choose the best health plan for their needs.

Supplemental Benefits Decision Support

BENEFITchoice helps your employees select the right supplemental benefits. Learn More → 

Save money on

For a lot of employee situations, HDHPs are a win-win. When teams like yours use PLANselect, around 20% of an employee population shifts to an HDHP when available.

Create clarity around benefits

Save time answering repeat questions. Our tool helps them understand their options and make an informed decision for their situation, in both English and Spanish.

Create benefits appreciation

When your team understands their benefits, they usually like them. And, when they like them, they have higher job satisfaction and better retention.

Have an easy open enrollment

A benefits decision-support tool eliminates the most frustrating parts of OE: endless meetings, repeat questions, and unengaged employees.

PLANselect is the best tool on the market because it's easy to use, accurate, and flexible

We have rare access to a database of 250m+ claimants. That allows us to create a super-short employee experience, and use the power of our prediction model and database to create accurate results. Other tools need to collect exhaustive amounts of sensitive health data.


Our Competitors

Accessible in both English and Spanish

Usually English only

Applies regional cost modifiers to their cost estimate

Uses federal data without regional insights

Collects no data that is subject to HIPAA

Collects sensitive medical information

Engagement rate of 50%+ because of the short (5 mins) and easy employee experience

Long experience (20+ mins) that reduces employee engagement and adoption

Flimp sets up your branded decision-support site in ~48 hours

Setup takes 2-4 weeks and requires you to do it

Pricing starts at $8 per employee, per year

Typical costs are $18+ per employee, per year

The Employee Experience

Your employees receive a link to our tool

They open PLANselect on their desktop or mobile device

They answer four key questions

These questions help predict their upcoming expenses.

  1. Who do you plan to cover?
  2. How much do you typically use your policy?
  3. Which of these medical events do you consider likely in the next year?
  4. Which of these medical conditions will need treatment in the next year?

We collect their zip code

Unlike our competitors, we’re able to apply regional cost factors for more accurate predictions.

Next, we go to work for you

We map their likely medical needs against 26 types of services

  • Office visits
  • Lab tests
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Surgeries
  • Overnight stays
  • and other types of care

We calculate and compare their costs nationally...

Against federal actuarial tables

We compare their insurance profile against federal actuarial tables.

Against 250+ million claimants

We compare their health insurance needs to 250m+ claimants in the Blue Health Intelligence database.

...then we factor in regional costs

We break down their plans, cost estimates, and recommend the best one given their needs

(And, on average, 15-25% of employees opt for HDHPs and FSAs after using our tool.)

Get started with the best-value decision-support tool around

By focusing on the stuff that really matters — usability and accuracy instead of Hollywood voice actors — we’re able to offer an effective decision-support tool that’s built for HR budgets.

Only $8 per employee, per year
(And less for larger teams)

“I definitely believe PLANselect helped to guide plan members to the HSA plans, which is exactly what we wanted.”
Laurie L Wilburn
Director, Total Rewards | Nebraska Medicine

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