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Your easiest open enrollment ever

Simplify benefits enrollment with decision support, explainer videos, and content-driven communications. Generate 70% engagement rates. Enter your email to get pricing.

Your open enrollment world today

Open enrollment is intimidating and confusing to employees.

Employees ask you the same questions, over and over.

Your emails and benefits guides don't get read.

Employees pick bad-fit plan options and get frustrated.

Open enrollment is a monumental task requiring all hands on deck.

Your open enrollment world tomorrow

Simplify benefits learning with video and decision support.

Centralize your most important benefits resources in one place.

Improve awareness with multichannel, visual media campaigns.

Guide employees to smarter, money-saving decisions.

Get 100% of the output with 10% of the effort.

Open Enrollment Toolkit

Your Benefits Enrollment Toolkit

The Open Enrollment Toolkit is filled with useful and actionable resources that help HR teams and HR brokers engage employees and reach their open enrollment goals.

In this new toolkit, you’ll receive the following:

  • A free employee video (Benefits Key Terms, Explained).
  • Three email templates to copy/paste for your open enrollment outreach.
  • detailed action plan and calendar, complete with outreach ideas across the full OE cycle.
  • Our OE Case Study and Trends Report, a deep dive into the learning lessons from 200 campaigns to ~750,000 employees.
  • Our OE Playbook, which goes over the six most common challenges with OE, and how to solve them.

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Support Tools

Simplify benefits research and selection with a guided experience that also increases HDHP/HSA enrollment by 15-25%.


Our HR platform allows you to quickly and easily build, send, and track Digital Postcards and microsites.

HR Video

Explain the most complex topics during OE by leveraging the power of our HR video library.


Break through the clutter of the email inbox. Make sure your employees read your messages and meet their deadlines.

License Our Solutions

We use these tools to create stellar results for HR, and so can you. License our decision support, workforce texting, content-driven comms platform, or HR video library to build dynamic content and campaigns this open enrollment cycle.

HR Videos

Video is one of the top ways that employees prefer to receive information. Our team creates hundreds of them every year.


Employees love visual content like our interactive Digital Postcards, which deliver 70%+ engagement rates during OE.

and Portals

Replace your benefits fair with a Virtual Benefits Showcase, which centralizes all the information employees need.

Managed Campaigns

Want to drive results this enrollment cycle, but need experience and creative help? We can create a campaign for you.

With Us

Partner with our team to run your communication campaigns for you. With a large creative services team and years navigating open enrollment, we can help you build, send, and analyze high-performing campaigns. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


How to Solve the Six Most Common Challenges With Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is exhausting

You spend months preparing for it, selecting benefits providers, pulling together plan documentation, and getting everything ready to maximize your enrollment window. 

And none of your employees engage with it. Employees express frustration with the whole process, and some even miss deadlines.

But why? Why is OE season so frustrating for employer and employee alike?

Through our primary and secondary research, our team uncovered six common culprits. Read more:

Not sure? Read more >

Need some help figuring it out?

Let’s talk about your challenges, goals, and timelines to determine the right services and solution for your team. We won’t bite.

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