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Train and retain your talent with better onboarding

Learn how to solve the thorniest problems that make new-hire onboarding fail, like information overload and low training retention.

Bad onboarding is one of the most common reasons that employees leave their companies

Great onboarding, meanwhile, improves retention and productivity.


69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding


Organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 50% greater new-hire productivity



Day 1 is overwhelming due to information overload.

Conduct structured re-hire onboarding through new-hire microsites or portals.

Employees struggle to understand the people, processes, and technology that make things go.

Use our platform to create an Employee Resource Center with the most important info: processes, passwords, people to know.

Training new hires and reinforcing that training is difficult. Successful onboarding usually requires video, which is hard to execute.

Use simple explainer videos and longer chaptered videos to onboard and reinforce training.

Employees don’t know how to take advantage of your training and engagement platforms.

Use short explainer videos and visual HR content to get your employees up to speed immediately.

Employees struggle to understand their new benefits packages and select the right ones.

Use decision support and visual content to improve your new hires’ open enrollment period.

Support Tools

Simplify benefits research and selection with a guided experience that also increases HDHP/HSA enrollment by 15-25%.


Our HR platform allows you to quickly and easily build, send, and track visual content to employees.

HR Video

Explain the most complex topics during onboarding by leveraging the power of our video library.


Break through the clutter of the email inbox. Make sure your employees read your messages and meet their deadlines.

License Our Solutions

We use these tools to create stellar results for HR, and so can you. License our decision support, workforce texting, content-driven comms platform, or HR video library to build dynamic content and campaigns during new-hire onboarding.

HR Videos

Video is one of the top ways that employees prefer to receive information. Our team creates hundreds of them every year.


Employees love visual content like our interactive Digital Postcards, which deliver 70%+ engagement rates among our clients.

and Portals

Use microsites and portals to build pre-hire and post-hire onboarding flows. Microsites help you stop new hires from being overwhelmed.

Managed Campaigns

Want to improve your new hire onboarding, but need experience and creative help? We can create a campaign for you.

With Us

Partner with our team to run your communication campaigns for you. With a large creative services team and years navigating open enrollment, we can help you build, send, and analyze high-performing campaigns. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Need some help figuring it out?

Let’s talk about your challenges, goals, and timelines to determine the right services and solution for your team. We won’t bite.

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