Multimedia HR Communications

With our FLIMP communications platform, we can quickly create and distribute multimedia content that combines video, images, audio, animation and text. These digital “video postcards” track employee engagement and response, which typically exceeds 70 percent.

Generate Amazing Results


Response Rate


Actions Per Viewer


20 secs time on content

Average stats from our 2018 case study report

Deliver Digital Postcards Via

  • Internal Email
  • Web Link
  • QR Code
  • Embedded Link
  • Text Message

Digital Postcards Include

  • Custom Design
  • Delivery
  • Testing
  • Reporting

Categories Include

  • category image

    Employee Benefits and Compensation

  • category image

    New-Hire Onboarding and Training

  • category image

    Talent Development

  • category image


  • category image

    Corporate Health and Financial Wellness