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Flimp Communications provides educational video content, benefits decision-support tools and interactive engagement solutions to more than 600 corporations throughout North America.

We help HR teams communicate better with employees on myriad topics, including benefits enrollment, new-hire onboarding, employee recognition, talent development, recruitment, compensation, executive announcements, change management, financial issues, wellness initiatives, online training, policy updates, company news, event marketing and much more.

We work with large employers, benefits brokers, HR consultants, insurance carriers and healthcare providers.


If you’re looking to improve employee engagement and education with customized HR videos, innovative digital communications and benefits decision-support tools, you’ve come to the right place. Flimp Communications is a leading digital HR communications firm that combines creativity with unique communication solutions powered by innovative software. We’re a creative bunch who strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Here are some of the people you’d be interacting with when you work with us.

Wayne Wall Founder and CEO

An experienced entrepreneur, Wayne has spent his career building global technology companies that help solve challenging problems for businesses and people. A University of Virginia alum, Wayne has been leading the company since it launched in 2010. Wayne focuses on delivering measurable value for customers while creating an open, collaborative work environment for employees. Before Flimp, he established global markets for two successful environmental bio-tech companies, one of which went public on the London AIM Exchange.

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Willis "Chip" Arndt EVP

Chip strategizes with Flimp clients on communications initiatives. He started his career in finance at Morgan Stanley executing corporate financings and international IPOs totaling $10B+ while traveling around the globe. For 20+ years, he’s dedicated himself to helping start-up tech ventures. Now, he dedicates himself to being a proud pup daddy to Joshua.

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Jesse Albro Business Development and Client Success

Jesse loves leveraging his strong interpersonal skills to effectively pair Flimp’s current and future clients with the perfect strategy for engaging their employees. Before joining Flimp, he helped manage a healthcare media firm and worked directly with Emmy-Award-winning filmmakers. Jesse has been key in developing our video product line and strangely enjoys New England winters.

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Heather Smith Chief People Officer and Senior Account Success Manager

Heather is a hands-on HR and business leader with over two decades of experience spanning human resources and operations. She works tirelessly to develop HR communications strategies and implement programs that improve retention and fuel business growth. Prior to joining Flimp, Heather served as VP of HR at Fidelity Investments. When she’s not cheerleading for her team or clients, she’s running a community non-profit she formed and is an active member of the PTA.

Jeff Fritts VP, Operations

Prior to joining Flimp in 2014, Jeff has led successful creative teams for 15+ years in a variety of media but consistently with an eye toward video. His goal is always to produce the best possible work for his clients while adhering to budgets and timelines. Earlier in life, he grew hydroponic tomatoes, managed a used-books store, and drove a snack van, which naturally led to a career in creative services.

Heidi Thompson Marketing and Client Services Director

For 25+ years, Heidi has refined her eclectic mix of experience in marketing, sales and client support, graphic and web design, writing/editing and project management. Heidi wears many hats at Flimp and is an expert at multi-tasking and problem solving. She keeps everyone on their toes with her attention to detail balanced by her wacky sense of humor.

Alex Geis Technology Manager

Bringing an eclectic background in communications and creative production, Alex joined Flimp as a digital producer responsible for project management. He recently moved to the role of tech manager to continue to improve Flimp’s technology capabilities and better serve our clients.

Luke Traeger Project Manager

From architectural designs to live film shoots, Luke loves having a hand in creative projects. Since the day he could jump, Luke has jumped at opportunities creative and challenging, and is a proud member of Flimp’s project management team.

Lauryn Nosek Marketing and Client Services

A former freelance writer and editor with an MA in English from Boston University, Lauryn can write about almost anything, though her favorite topics are always literary. She’s also experienced in client services, data entry/auditing and social media. Above all, Lauryn is a very loyal Boston sports fan!

Megan Phillips Animator and Artist

Megan is a talented 2D animator and gifted artist who grew up in Arizona and went to school in Georgia. She only just barely manages to stay sane in the Denver winter. In her off time, she enjoys kayaking, board games and cheese.

Marc Ricci Client Success and CRM

Prior to joining Flimp, Marc’s business experience included stints at the Red Sox, MathWorks and running his own moving company while in graduate school. His top priorities are providing excellent client support and helping to grow Flimp’s business. Marc’s active lifestyle includes fishing, gardening, beer making and being a Dad to two young sons and two rescue dogs.

Rachel Seiger Digital Project Manager

Rachel comes from a creative arts and communications background and is excited to be applying her skills and passions as a digital project manager. From her previous professional experiences in Berlin, Germany and Denver, Rachel has enjoyed coordinating projects and working directly with diverse audiences. When she isn’t working at Flimp, you can find Rachel performing on local stages, listening to a podcast or hosting a game night at her house.

Inés Iticovici Graphic Designer

Inés converts ideas into graphics. She’s an Argentinian graphic designer and visual artist. She worked for seven years in an advertising agency and started working for Flimp in 2013. She loves to travel the world and to express herself with jokes, art and, well, sharing a beer with friends at the end of the day gives her happiness.

Joshua Arndt Chief Security Officer

Joshua relentlessly protects everyone who works at the Flimp headquarters but, honestly, he’s been caught sleeping on the floor in the ladies’ room!

Zooby Albro Official Vibe Manager

Zooby has worked directly with our Boston, Denver and Burlington teams. He excels at keeping his subordinates focused and calm, despite that fact he’s always scheduling “treat meetings” for everyone.

Reilly Wall (RIP) HQ Receptionist and Forever Mascot

Reilly was with Wayne from the very beginning of Flimp. In fact, Wayne likes to take credit but most of his ideas were secretly stolen from his best friend.


We know our name is a little out of the ordinary, but we’re okay with that.

FLexible + Interactive + Multimedia + Platform


Flimp's History

Flimp Media Inc was founded in 2010 by Wayne Wall in Hopkinton, MA. During his 25 years as an entrepreneur, Wall has started and built a number of successful technology and service solution companies engaged in digital communications, video marketing, online publishing, agricultural biotech and mine land reclamation.

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