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Reinforce Your Benefits Messaging With Print Materials

There is still a time and place for print materials, especially for organizations that have a high percentage of office, mobile, or distributed workforces. Print materials are a great way to cut through the digital noise and improve your benefits enrollment and usage.

benefits print materials

Three Advantages of Print Materials

Cut Through the Noise of the Email Inbox

Employees are overwhelmed with emails and meeting invites. Print materials, like postcards and posters, can help break through.

Supplement Benefits Plans with Simpler Versions

Benefits guides are great, but long. Using print materials and other companion pieces can allow you to reinforce the most essential info.

They Can Also Be Used Digitally

The supplemental print materials you create, like "at-a-glance" benefits flyers, are also useful to be shared through digital channels.

Improve Benefits Awareness

Helping employees understand their options, how to enroll, and how to access, requires a multi-channel strategy. Print materials used in high-traffic are a proven way to improve awareness during the benefits enrollment process. 

Use QR Codes to Inspire Action

Unlike the print materials of yesteryear, today everyone has an incredibly easy way to immediately take action on your materials: QR codes. Virtually everyone now has a QR code reader in their pocket without any special apps or software needed.

Employees can simply scan your QR code and take action immediately. QR codes are a great way to link distributed workforces to your benefits enrollment platform, benefits guides, or your decision support tools.

A Great Way to Improve Year-Round Benefits Adoption

Helping your employees get the most out of your benefits doesn’t begin and end with the open enrollment window. Helping employees understand and use their benefits is a year-round mission, and print materials in common areas are a great way to improve awareness and drive adoption.

Do Even More With Flimp 360

A decision-support tool designed to be completed

Most tools take too long because they require too much up-front input from your employees to get accurate recommendations. The result? Employees don’t finish the tool, and they’re just as frustrated and confused as they were before you spent thousands of dollars on the platform.

Top-tier comms that reach every employee in every channel

Look like a marketing master
with compelling visual content
that inspires and educates
employees. Whether at home, in
the field, or in the office, ensure
your messaging gets through. Every employee, every channel.

Employee videos that improve engagement and literacy

Video is the bedrock of employee
education. Our pre-produced
benefits video library and skilled
production team can rapidly
deploy high-quality, engaging
employee videos on a range of
benefits and HR topics.

Get Started Today

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy for using print materials (and other types of channels, content, and tools) to meet your benefits enrollment goals.

“We have used Flimp for a variety of communication campaigns and have found them to be a valuable resource in reaching our target audience. They have become an extension of our strategic communications team and a valued partner.”
Charlie Mabry
Vice President, Workplace Solutions, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company
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