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Flimp / Flimp 360 

Benefits Decision Support, Communications and Video, All in One for $10 Per Employee, Per Year

Most benefits decision-support tools suffer from low engagement. They follow the “if you build it, they will come” philosophy.

With Flimp 360, you get everything you need to supercharge your decision-support tool with employees comms and videos. Help employees make smart decisions, and make yourself look like a rockstar.

Three Ways We Help You Help Your Employees Choose, Use, and Love Their Benefits

A decision-support tool designed to be completed

Most tools take too long because they require too much up-front input from your employees to get accurate recommendations. The result? Employees don’t finish the tool, and they’re just as frustrated and confused as they were before you spent thousands of dollars on the platform.

Top-tier comms that reach every employee in every channel

Look like a marketing master
with compelling visual content
that inspires and educates
employees. Whether at home, in
the field, or in the office, ensure
your messaging gets through. Every employee, every channel.

Employee videos that improve engagement and literacy

Video is the bedrock of employee
education. Our pre-produced
benefits video library and skilled
production team can rapidly
deploy high-quality, engaging
employee videos on a range of
benefits and HR topics.

Help employees choose the right benefits

Employees struggle to do the mental math about their benefits plan options. Pricing tables for in network, out of network, copays, coinsurance…their eyes glaze over. Reading dense benefits guides doesn’t help employees view plans in context of their own profile and estimate their healthcare spending costs.

But, with PLANselect, the decision-support component of Flimp 360, employees get an easy-to-understand recommendation from among their plan options, with an easy breakdown to compare it to the other plans.

Help employees engage with their benefits

More than ever, employees use a dizzying array of channels. Simple text emails aren’t enough. Meet employees in the channels they already spend time in with an omnichannel communications strategy.

And make it visual. 67% of employees complete tasks better when information is provided with visual content. 

Help employees understand complex topics

There is a reason that every online learning platform in the world is based on video learning. Video is more engaging, holds attention, and improves information retention. 

But, it’s hard to build for most HR teams, and usually expensive to buy. No longer. HR teams are able to tap into our ever-expanding library of videos on benefits and other critical topics for employees. And our production team has been designed from the ground up to make affordable customized videos for HR teams.

videos for hr brokers

Why Flimp 360?

Imagine you had another member of your team, a marketing pro and benefits whiz, who helps designs beautiful and effective benefits campaigns and helps employees understand, choose, and use their benefits. And saves the company money (and headaches) in the process. That’s Flimp 360: It saves you time, money, and frees you up to do more of what you’re passionate about as an HR leader.

Save Money on Healthcare

The Flimp 360 system helps employees understand their benefits and guides them to smarter, money-saving decisions.

Improve HDHP/HSA Migration

HDHP and HSA are the best plans for some people, but they sound scary. Demystify these plan types and improve migration by 20-30%.

Educate Employees All Year

Benefits shouldn't be treated like a final exam, where you cram for the test. Year-round education improves outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Improve well-being outcomes while reducing healthcare spending

Get more bang for your buck. Get decision-support, omnichannel communications, and engaging employee video, for less than what other vendors charge you just for decision support.

"We’ve used Flimp for a variety of communication campaigns and have found them to be an invaluable resource in reaching our target audience. They’ve become an extension of our strategic communications team and a valued partner.”
Charlie Mabry
VP of Workplace Solutions, Boston Mutual Life Insurance
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