Complimentary COVID-19 Video and Digital Postcard for Employee Communications

Heidi Thompson | | Change Management

Have you communicated with employees about coronavirus? It's important that they hear from employers about what's expected of them during this difficult time.

free COVID-19 video and digital postcard for employee communicationsOur creative team at Flimp has developed this informative COVID-19 video and digital postcard to help. There's no cost or work required to access and deploy this content for internal communications, so you can access and share them right away. We want to help ensure you have the tools you need in a timely manner.

The video provides an overview of the virus, who's most at risk and what to do to keep it from spreading. Meanwhile, the digital postcard includes more information and links to the CDC and WHO websites.

Visit this page to access and share the video and/or digital postcard. You'll be able to share either using methods ranging from copying and pasting into an email and embed code to textable links and printable QR codes.

Our hope is that this will help organizations communicate effectively with workers about coronavirus during this temporary crisis.

Not Sure What We Mean by 'Digital Postcard'?

For those unfamiliar with our digital postcards, they're trackable microsite communications. They often feature video, text and direct access to a range of resources encouraging employee education and engagement. Since there are many ways to share them, they're a flexible way to communicate with employees about important topics.

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