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Using Video to Reach Millennial Employees

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood

millennial engagement at work

millennial engagement at workVideo communication is paramount to any kind of millennial engagement effort your company can perform. The written word isn’t dead, but video should enhance and supplement your written internal communications.

Saying millennials react more effectively to video is an understatement. According to The Animoto Blog, “60 percent of millennials prefer to watch a company video over reading a company newsletter.” The blog also states, “80 percent of millennials consider video content when researching a purchase decision.” As video becomes more prevalent in social media, advertising, and marketing, millennials tend to gravitate more towards watching information rather than reading it. According to a recent study by Microsoft, cited in an article by David Meltzer at Entrepreneur, the human attention span is less than a goldfish’s, which is only nine seconds! What does that mean exactly? When sending out company information, internal communicators need to create short, compelling video content to increase millennial engagement in the workplace.

Millennials and Gen X have become the main consumers of information through social media content and video communication. We’ll log onto Facebook or Instagram to find information before opening our online browser. We prefer to purchase items through social media channels rather than stepping into a physical store. With that said, millennial engagement is based on information convenience and how quickly we can consume it. Company newsletters and print-outs must be transformed into virtual entities to keep the attention of younger employees in this fast-paced world.

How can employers create valuable video content that will not only engage millennial employees but will help them retain the information given?

1) Keep It Short

No one likes a long, dragged-out video about company policies. Keep your video to 15 minutes max! If you have a lot of information, break it up. Make it into separate videos to give viewers time in between to take notes and go over it.

2) Give Examples

While video is great for keeping millennial engagement up, a breakdown of the talking points is always going to help employees retain the information in greater depth. Give proper examples either with text or video reenactment.

3) Have a Mix of Images and Text

Adding some additional mediums to your company video will bring the message full circle. Overlay text for extra explanation along with still photos to add some concrete imagery. When you have a well thought out video and it’s up to date (not a video that looks like it was converted from a 1980s VHS tape), millennials will be able to relate better!

4) Make It Accessible

The content of the video is very important for millennial engagement but if they aren’t able to access it whenever and wherever they need a reminder, it’s basically useless. Keep your company videos posted on your website,  intranet, company blog and/or your social media pages. This will allow your employees to reference the videos later if they aren’t sure about a policy or talking point.

millennial engaging with training5) Make It Interactive

No millennial likes to be talked at; we appreciate a hands-on feel. In your video, have a quiz or questions section to allow millennial employees to engage on their own level. Maybe have them complete an activity or something that will urge them to reference a printed company document, take notes on a pad of paper or open their online browser to search for something. This will give them tangible visuals and build muscle memory that will solidify the message.


In this ever-changing world, employers must stay updated on new technology, methods and trends, especially when deciding to hire millennial and Gen-X employees. Everything is online-based and fast-moving so learning how to adapt is vital. In order to continue a successful millennial engagement plan within your workplace, you must create communication methods that are to the point, give examples, have a mix of different mediums, make them accessible to all and be sure they’re hands on! With these points in mind, ditching the stiff, boring company email is going to get your employees excited regardless of their generation, and thus create a stronger, more dynamic company culture! Who wouldn’t want that?

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